Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Youtube Video Contest ANNOUNCEMENT (Proof of God Conference)


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Post a video reply to this video and you could win tickets to the Proof of God Conference in Orlando, Florida (October 12-13, 2012)!

Here's the Basic Video Standards...
1) 30 seconds or less.
2) over 1000 views by September 26.
3) keep it clean.
4) include all relevant information.
5) post it HERE as a response video to this one.


Here are some official conference graphics to use in your video promo.
To download: right click on each link below and select "save as."

Official Logo
Speaker Photos
Venue Photo
Creation Today Logo

Official Contest Rules:
• This Contest is moderated, and all contents/comments are reviewed by Creation Today (CT) before being posted. If you find content you feel is inappropriate, please notify the moderator or send an email to the Contest Administrator (contest@creationtoday.org). We reserve the right to remove any content, although we have no duty to do so.

• All videos submitted must be thirty (30) seconds or less in length.

• All videos submitted must have over 1000 views by September 26.

• All videos submitted must be posted on the designated channel.

• Any content submitted that does not fit the time and format parameters will not be considered as a valid entry.

• Entries are not limited to the United States of America.

• All content submitted must be in English. English sub-titles do not qualify.

• By entering the contest and submitting content, you are agreeing to relinquish all your rights to the content. Any content entered can be used by CT for publication with no promise or agreement for payment or royalties made from the submitted content.

• All content submitted by the contestant must not be copyrighted material, and is all their own original work. If copyrights do already exist on the content, and are owned by the contestant, then we will need a hard copy agreement from the contestant stating permission for CT to use their content at will, with no promise or agreement of payment or royalties made from the content.

- That letter can be mailed to: PROOF OF GOD VIDEO CONTEST, P.O. BOX 37338, PENSACOLA, FL, 32526, USA; and must be received prior to the submission deadline (September 26, 2012).

• The official winners on the contest will be selected by a jury of reviewers chosen by CT.

• The submission of content for each contest expires the date posted in the contest details.

• Each submission must include a valid first and last name, date of birth, and email address.

• To ensure that exchanges are productive, informative, and respectful of diverse viewpoints, we will review all submissions; and we will NOT post content that is or includes:

- Off Topic. We will exclude content not related to the subject of the contest. If you have an idea for a subject, would like to provide feedback, or would like follow-up, please contact us at contest@creationtoday.org.

- Personal Attacks. Respect the rights, diversity and opinions of others. If you disagree with the content, we'd like to hear from you, but ask that you refrain from personal attacks or being disrespectful of others. Malicious intent and/or participation not in the spirit of civil conversation will be excluded.

- Offensive Language. We reserve the right to remove anything deemed inappropriate, off-topic, or otherwise questionable, including but not limited to: profane or provocative language; hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language; derogatory content; threats; obscene or sexually explicit language.

- Spam. Content focused on selling a product or service, or content posted for the purpose of driving traffic to a particular website for personal, political, or monetary gain, will be excluded.

- Private or Confidential Information. Please do not provide any of your personal information (i.e. home address, phone number, SS#, etc); and please refrain from giving personally revealing information about individuals other than yourself. If you have a personal question, please contact us at contest@drdino.com.

• Comments on any content in HTML format (or URLs) will not be accepted. Please only enter plain text.

• CT reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time at its sole discretion. The most current guidelines will be available to you online.

• The purpose for retaining contact information is for sending subscribers ministry updates, announcements, and monthly resource spotlights.