Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Delk Track: Evidence of Dinosaur and Human Coexistence - Ian Juby

by Ian Juby

Uploaded by on Aug 13, 2008
A number of criticisms have been leveled here on youtube. Read my response here:

For more information on the Delk track:

We analyze the "Delk slab," a Paluxy river rock containing a fossil human footprint upon which a dinosaur stepped. We explain the use of CT scanners in analyzing the rock and examine and interpret the CT scanner X-rays of the Delk slab. This was a practical approach, as the CT scan produced over 800 X-rays, making it a serious challenge to displaying the X-rays. And so video was the most practical application of displaying the X-ray images and their interpretation. The X-rays authenticate both tracks, making this slab of rock excellent evidence that dinosaurs and humans lived together.