Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beginnings Session 1 - They're Both Religions - Eric Hovind

It's time to start your journey through Beginnings, the curriculum that will educate, entertain, and prepare you for the most pressing topic of our day—creation versus evolution!

Session 1 - They're Both Religions by Creation Today

Something to Think About

Is evolution science or religion? Nothing about evolution belongs in the category of science. It's a religion just like Creationism. However, Evolutionism is a dangerous religion. You see, ideas lead to worldviews. Worldviews result in actions. Consider the different actions an atheist might take in various situations in life as opposed to the actions a Christian might take in the same situations. Their religions determine their actions.

What to Watch For

As we begin the series, watch for the evidences of a young earth and universe and for the answers to the questions in life that logically follow from the Evolutionary standpoint as opposed to the Creationist standpoint. In this world, two major worldviews exist: Evolutionism and Creationism. Both views are religious, and both seek to answer life's questions. Scientific evidence supports a young, created universe -- the opposite of the Evolutionary model. Evolutionism calls for an old, accidental universe. These contrasting worldviews have entirely opposite consequences. Notice throughout this lesson how the consequences of Evolutionism clash with the ramifications of the worldview of Creationism. Satan has tried to deceive man from the beginning, attempting to tell man that he can become as a god. This lie has not changed. Observe how Satan's lie has worked its way into science in the form of Evolutionism and notice the lack of evidence for this worldview. True science, in fact, contradicts Evolutionism, as we are about to see. God's truth is manifest in every facet of His creation.

Discussion Questions

1. What are the four basic questions of man? Are they still relevant in our society today? If so, why?

Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going when I die? The way we answer these questions is related to our worldviews, which have ramifications in any culture or society.

2. Do you believe that your view of the age of the earth affects your everyday life? If so, how?

If someone holds the Evolutionistic worldview, he must live his life according to his own will. If someone holds the worldview of Creationism, God is the final authority, and he must conform to God's will.

3. Do you believe evolution is scientific or religious? Why?

Evolutionism contradicts fundamental science and is supported only by faith -- not by evidence.


We should strive to affect the worldviews of those around us. According to Matthew 5:13, we are to be the salt of the earth. Many are ignorant of the lack of scientific evidence for the Big Bang, and even fewer realize how their worldview affects their answers to life's questions. We should spread the truth of God's creation. The debate between Evolutionism and Creationism is important because it governs every major decision and action we execute in life. Where is the basis for a moral authority if we are mere accidents of chance whose sole purpose is to please ourselves? How is society to function without a lawgiver? If we really came from a cosmic burp 20 billion years ago, we have no purpose and no authority besides ourselves. If we are truly made in the image of God, He is our authority, and He has laid out some rules for us to follow. Are we ready to face His judgment?


Ask an elementary school-age child if he knows where everything in the world came from. If his answer involves the Big Bang, ask him where the original matter came from. If he doesn't know where this original matter came from, consider sharing the Biblical account with him to explain how everything came into being.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Population Problem, CrEvo Rant #71 by Ian Juby

In this rant, Ian Juby celebrates the planetary population achieving the landmark 7 billion mark with a rant showing how the incredibly small population is good evidence for a young earth.

Check out Ian's website, blog, and more rants at IanJuby.org.
Watch his Complete Creation series at CompleteCreation.org
Or educate yourself on his Youtube channel at youtube.com/user/wazooloo

Monday, November 14, 2011

Creation Genetics & Adam Our Ancestor with Dr. Robert Carter

Geneticist Dr. Robert Carter gives incredible DNA evidence that entire human population came from the 8 souls aboard Noah's Ark 4500 years and dispersed throughout the world via the Tower of Babel incident in Genesis 11. God's Word is confirmed once again by science!

Bio of Dr Robert W. Carter
Speaker/senior scientist, Creation Ministries International (USA)

2003 University of Miami, Ph.D. Marine Biology and Fisheries.
1992 Georgia Institute of Technology, B.S. Applied Biology, Co-Op, with high honor.

Professional Experience
2004--2005 Environmental Consultant (T.Y. Lin International/H.J. Ross)
Water quality monitoring—Miami River dredging project
Impact mitigation—Key West Harbor Dredging project

1996-2003 Doctoral Dissertation Work (University Of Miami)
Designed and performed experiments in marine ecology and genetic engineering
Helped develop new protocol for the rapid cloning of cnidarian fluorescent protein genes
Successfully cloned green and red fluorescent proteins from hard and soft corals
Helped create transgenic zebrafish with up-mutated fluorescent proteins
Worked with various PCR (e.g., long-distance, linker-mediated, and inverse), gene expression and Southern blot techniques
Studied vector design and cloning techniques

2001-2004 Coral Aquaculturist (University Of Miami Experimental Hatchery)
Designed and built aquaculture facility for scientific study of Caribbean corals
Developed advanced water quality monitoring and alarm system

1992-1996 High School Science Teacher (Darlington School)
Taught AP biology, chemistry, physics, and electronics
Extracurricular activities included Head Coach of the Darlington Swimming and Diving Team, head of "Adventure Darlington" summer school high adventure program.

Major awards and recognition
2000 UM MFBS Center grant for cloning and sequencing of novel GFPs: $4800
1999 Institute for Marine Science Fellowship: $25,000
1996--1999 Maytag Fellowship: $39,000
1996 S.T.A.R. Teacher for Darlington School and the city of Rome, Georgia
1990/1991 President, Beta Alpha chapter of Theta Xi Fraternity, Georgia Tech

Publications, Patents, and Products
Carter RW, Schmale MS, and Gibbs PDL (2004) Cloning of anthozoan fluorescent protein genes. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part C 138:259--270.
Carter RW (2003) Cnidarian Fluorescent Proteins. PhD Dissertation. University of Miami.
Gibbs PDL, Carter RW, and Schmale MC (2007) Fluorescent Proteins from Aquatic Species. US Patent #7,291,711. One fluorescent protein from this patent has been licensed to Promega, Inc. It is being sold under the trade name "Monster Green."
Manica A, Carter RW (2000) Morphological and fluorescence analysis of the Montastraea annularis species complex in Florida. Marine Biology 137:899--906.
Carter RW (2007) Mitochondrial diversity within modern human populations. Nucleic Acids Research 35(9):3039--3045.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Fossil Record with Dr. Jerry Bergman

Dr. Jerry Bergman shows how the fossil record is an embarrassment to evolutionists.

Dr. Bergman's Bio
Jerry Bergman has taught biology, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, anthropology, geology, and microbiology at Northwest State College in Archbold OH for over 25 years. He has 9 degrees, including 7 graduate (= 'post-graduate' in some non-US systems) degrees. Dr Bergman is a graduate of Medical College of Ohio, Wayne State University in Detroit, The University of Toledo, and Bowling Green State University. He has over 800 publications in 12 languages and 20 books and monographs. He has also taught at the Medical College of Ohio where he was a research associate in the department of experimental pathology, and he also taught 6 years at the University of Toledo, and 7 years at Bowing Green State University.

Dr Bergman has presented over one hundred scientific papers at professional and community meetings in the United States, Canada, and Europe. To discuss his research, he has been a featured speaker on many college campuses throughout the United States and Europe, and is a frequent guest on radio and television programs. His research has made the front page in newspapers throughout the country, has been featured by the Paul Harvey Show several times, and has been discussed by David Brinkley, Chuck Colson, and other nationally known commentators on national television.

M.P.H., Northwest Ohio Consortium for Public Health (Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio; University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio; Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio), 2001.
M.S. in biomedical science, Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio, 1999.
Ph.D. in human biology, Columbia Pacific University, San Rafael, California, 1992.
M.A. in social psychology, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, 1986.
Ph.D. in measurement and evaluation, minor in psychology, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, 1976.
M.Ed. in counseling and psychology, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, 1971.
B.S., Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, 1970. Major area of study was sociology, biology, and psychology.
A.A. in Biology and Behavioral Science, Oakland Community College, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 1967.

Fellow of the American Scientific Affiliation, 1983
Who's Who in America
Ohio certification to teach both elementary and high school levels
Professional memberships

Dr Bergman is or was active in the following organizations:

National Association for Gifted Children
American Educational Research Association
National Council on Measurement in Education
American Sociological Association
American Psychological Association
Ohio Psychological Association
Association for the Scientific Study of Religion
American Association of Suicidology
Institute of Religion and Health
American Society of Corrections

The Professional Organizations that Dr Bergman is now a member of and/or involved in, include:

Ohio Science Teachers Association.
American Biology Teachers Association.
The American Scientific Affiliation.
The American Association for the Advancement of Science.
The American Association for the History of Science
American Chemical Society
American Institute of Biological Sciences.
Ohio Academy of Science
American Institute of Chemists
New York Academy of Sciences
The New York Museum of Natural History
Other professional memberships
Society for the Scientific Study of Male Psychology and Physiology, President and Founder

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Worldwide Flood - Geologic Evidences with Dr. Andrew Snelling

Part 1

Geologist Andrew Snelling, Ph.D. gives compelling geologic evidence for the worldwide flood that the Bible historically records.

Part 2

Andrew A. Snelling, B.Sc. (Hons), Ph.D.
Director of Research, AiG-US

Andrew A. Snelling is a geologist, research scientist and technical

editor. He completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Geology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, graduating with First Class Honors in 1975. His Doctorate in Geology was awarded by The University of Sydney, Australia in 1982 for his research thesis entitled "A geochemical study of the Koongarra uranium deposit, Northern Territory, Australia". Between studies and since Andrew worked for six years in the exploration and mining industries in Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and the Northern Territory variously as a field, mine and research geologist.

Andrew commenced in full-time creation ministry at the end of 1983, first working with the Creation Science Foundation of Australia until late 1998, including three years with Ken Ham before Ham moved to the U.S.A. From 1983 to 1992 Snelling was still required to be a geological consultant to the Koongarra uranium project. He was involved in research projects with several CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organization) scientists, and in major international collaborative research effort with ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization) and university scientists across Australia, and with scientists from the USA, Britain, Japan, Sweden and the International Atomic Energy Agency, to investigate the Koongarra uranium deposit as a natural analog of a nuclear waste disposal site. As a result of these research endeavors, Andrew was involved in writing numerous scientific reports, and scientific papers that were published in international science journals.

In late 1998 Andrew joined the Institute for Creation Research near San Diego, as a Professor of Geology. His responsibilities included teaching Masters degree geology courses in ICR's Graduate School, leading tours to the Grand Canyon, England and Yosemite -- Death Valley, and research and writing projects. Andrew was a principal investigator in the 8-year, ICR-led RATE (Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth) research project to which he made major contributions in rock dating studies using radioisotopes, and in studies of radiation halos (radiohalos) and tracks (fission tracks) in various minerals. He contributed two chapters to the first RATE technical volume in 2000, and three chapters to the second RATE technical volume in 2005, as well as being the primary production editor of both volumes. Andrew's time at ICR was also spent writing a major new three volume book on geology, Creation and the Genesis Flood, which was expected to be published in early 2008.

In June 2007 Andrew's employment began with Answers in Genesis as their Director of Research. He continues though to reside in Brisbane, Australia and commute regularly as necessary to the USA.

Andrew's talents have enabled him to be involved in extensive creationist research in Australia, the USA, Britain, New Zealand and elsewhere, majoring on the radioactive methods for dating rocks and evidence for the Flood. Such research has included the formation of igneous and metamorphic rocks (for example, granites and schists, respectively), all types of mineral deposits, sedimentary strata and landscape features (for example, Grand Canyon, USA, and Ayers Rock or Uluru, central Australia) within the biblical framework of earth history. Technical papers by Dr Snelling on regional metamorphism and rock dating have won the prestigious "Technical Excellence Award" as best technical paper at the 1994 Third and 1998 Fourth International Conference on Creationism respectively. As well as writing regularly and extensively in many international creationist magazines, journals and publications, Andrew was founding editor in 1984, and served as editor for almost 15 years, of the Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal (now Journal of Creation), and is currently serving as the Editor-in-Chief for the Sixth International Conference on Creationism.

B.Sc. Applied Geology, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, First Class Honours
Ph.D. Geology, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia