Monday, November 14, 2011

Creation Genetics & Adam Our Ancestor with Dr. Robert Carter

Geneticist Dr. Robert Carter gives incredible DNA evidence that entire human population came from the 8 souls aboard Noah's Ark 4500 years and dispersed throughout the world via the Tower of Babel incident in Genesis 11. God's Word is confirmed once again by science!

Bio of Dr Robert W. Carter
Speaker/senior scientist, Creation Ministries International (USA)

2003 University of Miami, Ph.D. Marine Biology and Fisheries.
1992 Georgia Institute of Technology, B.S. Applied Biology, Co-Op, with high honor.

Professional Experience
2004--2005 Environmental Consultant (T.Y. Lin International/H.J. Ross)
Water quality monitoring—Miami River dredging project
Impact mitigation—Key West Harbor Dredging project

1996-2003 Doctoral Dissertation Work (University Of Miami)
Designed and performed experiments in marine ecology and genetic engineering
Helped develop new protocol for the rapid cloning of cnidarian fluorescent protein genes
Successfully cloned green and red fluorescent proteins from hard and soft corals
Helped create transgenic zebrafish with up-mutated fluorescent proteins
Worked with various PCR (e.g., long-distance, linker-mediated, and inverse), gene expression and Southern blot techniques
Studied vector design and cloning techniques

2001-2004 Coral Aquaculturist (University Of Miami Experimental Hatchery)
Designed and built aquaculture facility for scientific study of Caribbean corals
Developed advanced water quality monitoring and alarm system

1992-1996 High School Science Teacher (Darlington School)
Taught AP biology, chemistry, physics, and electronics
Extracurricular activities included Head Coach of the Darlington Swimming and Diving Team, head of "Adventure Darlington" summer school high adventure program.

Major awards and recognition
2000 UM MFBS Center grant for cloning and sequencing of novel GFPs: $4800
1999 Institute for Marine Science Fellowship: $25,000
1996--1999 Maytag Fellowship: $39,000
1996 S.T.A.R. Teacher for Darlington School and the city of Rome, Georgia
1990/1991 President, Beta Alpha chapter of Theta Xi Fraternity, Georgia Tech

Publications, Patents, and Products
Carter RW, Schmale MS, and Gibbs PDL (2004) Cloning of anthozoan fluorescent protein genes. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part C 138:259--270.
Carter RW (2003) Cnidarian Fluorescent Proteins. PhD Dissertation. University of Miami.
Gibbs PDL, Carter RW, and Schmale MC (2007) Fluorescent Proteins from Aquatic Species. US Patent #7,291,711. One fluorescent protein from this patent has been licensed to Promega, Inc. It is being sold under the trade name "Monster Green."
Manica A, Carter RW (2000) Morphological and fluorescence analysis of the Montastraea annularis species complex in Florida. Marine Biology 137:899--906.
Carter RW (2007) Mitochondrial diversity within modern human populations. Nucleic Acids Research 35(9):3039--3045.