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Using the Origins Controversy as a Teaching Tool in Science Education - Dave Prentice

Part 1 | Aug 9, 2013 - RMCF has invited a return visit from science educator Dave Prentice of New Orleans, LA. He spoke to us back in January 2012 on the subject of "Cavemen." This time he plans a presentation entitled "Using the Origins Controversy as a Teaching Tool in Science Education." Dave Prentice received his B.S. degree in Physics from Loyola University, New Orleans, in 1976. Having been trained to believe in evolution, he continued to do so even after becoming a Christian in 1980.

Part 2

When the Louisiana legislature passed the "Balanced Treatment Act" in 1980 requiring that the evidence for creation be presented alongside that for evolution, his state representative tried to repeal the law. Dave contacted him to say that it was only fair for the "other guys," (the creationists) to have their say. In response to his representative's statement that there was no evidence for creation, Dave began doing research to investigate the claims of the creationists. Within six months of study, he became one of them! Since then he has appeared on radio and television and taught seminars, Sunday school classes, and Bible college classes in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Washington, Colorado, Haiti, Peru, China, India, Honduras, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ultimate Proof - Dr. Jason Lisle on Origins Dr. Lisle presents an ultimate proof for the existence of God and the truth of creation. He goes beyond the battle over "evidence," and demonstrates why and how we are to defend the faith. Dr. Lisle shows how only the Christian worldview can account for the world we live in.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Standing Firm on a Literal Genesis - Mike Chapa

Part 1

Mr. Mike Chapa

Talk: Standing Firm on a Literal Genesis
Date: November 8th, 7:00pm
For our November meeting, we will be privileged to have Mike Chapa, who has been the Executive Director of Christian Home Educators of Colorado since September of 2009.  His formal education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Astronautical Engineering from the Air Force Academy, class of 1989, and a Master’s in Aeronautical Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Mike Chapa retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2009 from the USAF after serving more than 20 years as a fighter pilot and test pilot, which included combat time in the F-15C.  His last Air Force assignment was assistant professor at the AF Academy, teaching aeronautical engineering and flying cadets in general aviation aircraft. He is now involved in flight test academics/flight instruction to USI (Unmanned Systems, Inc.) and works as an aerospace defense subcontractor/consultant to Northrop-Grumman.

Mike serves as an elder in his church and is pursuing a Masters of Divinity towards becoming a pastor, with a desire to plant a church before 2013 ends. He and his wife Tonya previously served as the year-round CHEC Volunteer Chairmen from 2007-2009.   They homeschool their six children in the eastern Black Forest, having graduated the oldest two. Mike’s topic will be “Standing Firm on a Literal Genesis.”

Part 2

youngearth.orgRMCF meetings are free to the public, and refreshments will be served.  Please join us for what will be a memorable evening about homeschool education.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Worldwide Flood - Geologic Evidences - Dr. Andrew Snelling on Origins

Part 1

Geologist Andrew Snelling, Ph.D. gives compelling geologic evidence for the worldwide flood that the Bible historically records.

Part 2

Andrew A. Snelling, BSc (Hons), PhD


Director of Research, AiG-US



Andrew A. Snelling is a geologist, research scientist, and technical editor. He completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Geology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, graduating with First Class Honors in 1975. His Doctor of Philosophy (in geology) was awarded by The University of Sydney, Australia in 1982 for his research thesis entitled “A geochemical study of the Koongarra uranium deposit, Northern Territory, Australia.” Between studies and since Andrew worked for six years in the exploration and mining industries in Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and the Northern Territory variously as a field, mine and research geologist.

Andrew commenced in full-time creation ministry at the end of 1983, first working with the Creation Science Foundation of Australia until late 1998, including three years with Ken Ham before Ham moved to the USA. From 1983 to 1992 Snelling was still required to be a geological consultant to the Koongarra uranium project. He was involved in research projects with several CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organization) scientists, and in major international collaborative research effort with ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization) and university scientists across Australia, and with scientists from the USA, Britain, Japan, Sweden and the International Atomic Energy Agency, to investigate the Koongarra uranium deposit as a natural analog of a nuclear waste disposal site. As a result of these research endeavors, Andrew was involved in writing numerous scientific reports, and scientific papers that were published in international science journals.

In late 1998 Andrew joined the Institute for Creation Research near San Diego, as a Professor of Geology. His responsibilities included teaching Master’s degree geology courses in ICR’s Graduate School, leading tours to the Grand Canyon, England, Yosemite, and Death Valley; and research and writing projects. Andrew was a principal investigator in the eight-year, ICR-led RATE (Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth) research project to which he made major contributions in rock dating studies using radioisotopes, and in studies of radiation halos (radiohalos) and tracks (fission tracks) in various minerals. He contributed two chapters to the first RATE technical volume in 2000, and three chapters to the second RATE technical volume in 2005, as well as being the primary production editor of both volumes. Andrew’s time at ICR was also spent writing a major two-volume book on Earth’s Catastrophic Past: Geology, Creation, and the Flood (Dallas, TX: Institute for Creation Research, 2009).

In June 2007 Andrew’s employment began with Answers in Genesis as their Director of Research. He initially resided in Brisbane, Australia and commuted regularly as necessary to the USA. But in mid-2011 he moved with his wife to live in northern Kentucky (near Cincinnati, Ohio). As a result of joint research, he has contributed to and jointly edited (with Dr. Steven W. Boyd) the book Grappling with the Chronology of the Genesis Flood (Green Forest, AR: Master Books, 2013).

Andrew’s talents have enabled him to be involved in extensive creationist research in Australia, the USA, Britain, New Zealand and elsewhere, majoring on the radioactive methods for dating rocks and evidence for the Flood of Noah. Such research has included the formation of igneous and metamorphic rocks (for example, granites and schists, respectively), all types of mineral deposits, sedimentary strata, and landscape features (for example, Grand Canyon, USA, and Ayers Rock or Uluru, central Australia) within the biblical framework of earth history. Technical papers by Dr. Snelling on regional metamorphism and rock dating have won the prestigious “Technical Excellence Award” as best technical paper at the 1994 Third and 1998 Fourth International Conference on Creationism respectively. As well as writing regularly and extensively in many international creationist magazines, journals and publications, Andrew was founding editor in 1984 and served as editor for almost 15 years of the Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal (now Journal of Creation), and served as the Editor-in-Chief for the Sixth International Conference on Creationism.

Andrew has traveled around Australia, the USA, and widely overseas (Britain, New Zealand, South Africa, Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China) speaking in schools, churches, colleges, public and university meetings, to both lay and technical audiences, on the overwhelming scientific evidence consistent with the biblical account of Creation and the Genesis Flood, based largely on his own research. Andrew’s research has demonstrated that a global flood about 4,300 years ago explains many rock layers and most fossil deposits found around the world. Building from that foundation, Dr. Snelling has made predictions as to what should be found if a catastrophic global flood actually happened (for example, the existence of extensive, fossil-bearing rock layers). Additionally, Andrew’s research has indicated that radioactive decay rates have not been consistent in the past, having been grossly accelerated, so the radioactive methods for dating rocks at millions and billions of years old are not reliable, and the rock evidence overall is consistent with a young earth. He is currently researching the radioisotope dating of meteorites.

Andrew was raised in a Christian family in Sydney, Australia, is married to wife Kym, and has three adult children and three grandchildren. Andrew’s interest in geology began very soon after his conversion to Christianity at nine years of age. His very firm conviction in the authority and veracity of the Scriptures brought him to the creation/evolution controversy early in his teens, so that by the commencement of university studies, Andrew already had a clear scriptural perspective on the literalness of Creation and Noah’s Flood, and an unmistakable call from the Lord for a life-long involvement in creationist ministry.



BSc Applied Geology, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, First Class Honours
PhD Geology, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia



Geological Society of Australia
Geological Society of America
Geological Association of Canada
Mineralogical Society of America
Society of Economic Geologists
Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits
Creation Research Society

Honors and Awards


At the Third International Conference on Creationism in Pittsburgh (1994), he was presented with the Technical Excellence Award for the best technical paper, a paper on evidence for regional metamorphism within the creationist timeframe.

At the Fourth International Conference on Creationism (1998), he gained the first three prizes for technical excellence: first prize for his studies on anomalous radiometric “dates” of recent lava flows from Mt Ngauruhoe volcano, New Zealand. The second and third prizes were for co-authored papers with John Woodmorappe on the cooling of granites, and Dr. Steve Austin on radiometric “dating” of a rock unit in the Grand Canyon respectively.



Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth, Vol. 1, edited by Larry Vardiman, Andrew Snelling and Eugene Chaffin
Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth, Vol. 2, edited by Larry Vardiman, Andrew Snelling and Eugene Chaffin
Earth’s Catastrophic Past: Geology, Creation and the Flood, 2 volumes
The NEW Answers Books 1–4, Featuring many authors such as Ken Ham (who also served as general editor), Dr. David Menton, Dr. Andrew Snelling, Professor Andy McIntosh, Dr. Georgia Purdom, Dr. Danny Faulkner, Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. Terry Mortenson, and Dr. Clifford Wilson
Grappling with the Chronology of the Genesis Flood, edited by Steven W. Boyd and Andrew Snelling

Some Creation magazine articles written by Dr. Snelling

Some articles by Dr. Snelling from Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal (now Journal of Creation)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mike Riddle Interviews 3 Christians from the Cincinnati Bengals

This show was done by creation speaker Mike Riddle on the Christian faith of 3 NFL players from the Bengals. 

In this session Mike interviews three professional football players from the Cincinnati Bengals. Hear their personal testimonies and how they answer questions about football, the Bible, the church and what it is like being a Christian in professional sports. Some of the questions Mike asks include:
• What were you like growing up?
• How did you become a Christian?
• Can you be a professional football player and still be a Christian?
• What do you look for in a church?
• What was one of your greatest moments in football?

Training Christians to Teach & Defend Biblical Truth
Learn more about CTI at

Hyde Park Baptist Church, standing for a literal Genesis & expository preaching.

Part 2

In session two with three Cincinnati Bengal professional football players, Mike asks what it is like to be a Christian and play professional sports. All three give some remarkable and encouraging answers.

1. What kind of pressures do you experience being a professional football player and how have these pressures helped you in your Christian walk?
2. What do you plan to do after football?
3. If you had one piece of advice to give a young athlete what would it be?

Training Christians to Teach & Defend Biblical Truth
Learn more about CTI at

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Ice Age: Only the Bible Can Explain It - Michael Oard


Evolutionary scientists claim there were many ice ages in earth history. Each ice age of the past supposed one million years is said to take 100,000 years. However, the development of an ice age, using the "present is the key to the past" philosophical belief of the evolutionists, is nearly impossible. A model of the ice age will be presented based on the climatic aftermath of the Genesis Flood. Based on heat budget equations of the ocean and atmosphere, the time for the Ice Age is only about 700 years. Furthermore, there was only one Ice Age in earth history.
This video file is a 44 minute seminar by Michael Oard that was recorded during the Seattle Creation Conference July 2004 at Mill Creek Foursquare Church.
DVDs of this seminar are available for purchase from our web store.

About the Speaker:

Michael J. Oard (Meteorologist) received his Masters of Science degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Washington. He has recently retired from the (US) National Weather Service where he worked as a meteorologist/weather forecaster, and now dedicates much of his time to creation science research. Since 2001 he has served on the board of directors of the Creation Research Society.
Mike is a prolific author who has published numerous books and papers and in his field in widely recognized journals. He also travels all over the country for regular speaking engagements at creationist conferences and meetings. Mike Oard particularly specializes in topics such as evidence for Noah's flood, the Ice Age, and the mass extinction of the Wooly Mammoths.


Download RealPlayer Video file:
Download Audio file:

Seattle Creation Conference 2004 boxed setThis seminar was recorded during the Seattle Creation Conference at Mill Creek Foursquare Church, Mill Creek WA, July 2004.

It may be viewed free online or downloaded to your computer as either a video or audio format. A DVD can be purchased at our webstore as an individual title or the entire conference may be obtained as a compilation of 7 disks.

The Seattle Creation Conference is a regular event organized by the Northwest Creation Network. For information about the upcoming conference visit the Seattle Creation Conference website, or contact the NWCN to have us organize the next creation conference at your Church.
Flood by Design by Mike Oard. 144 page paperback. Retail Price: $14.99. ISBN: 9780890515235
Frozen in Time by Michael Oard. 176 page paperback. Retail Price: $13.99. ISBN: 0890514186
Rock Solid Answers by Michael Oard. Retail Price: $19.99. ISBN 9780890515679
Life in the Great Ice Age by Michael Oard. Master Books. (hard cover) ISBN: 0890511675
The Missoula Flood Controversy and the Genesis Flood - Michael J. Oard. 2004. CRS Books, 133 pages
The Weather Book by Michael Oard. 1997 Master Books. 72 pages. (hard cover) ISBN: 0890512116

Monday, January 20, 2014

Why Teaching Creation is Essential - Mike Riddle on Creation Today

    Why Teaching Creation is Essential – Season 3 Episode 22

    “Paradise created. Paradise lost. Paradise restored. And it all points to Jesus.” That is special guest, Mike Riddle’s summary of the Bible’s message. Eric and Paul discuss with Mike the foundational importance of Genesis and how to look for misleading phrases found in
    popular science articles and school textbooks. Unveil these errors as Mike references these “f-u-z-z-y w-o-r-d-s.”

    Featured Resources

Friday, January 17, 2014

Objections to 6 Days - Mike Riddle

This is part 3 of the Creation Training Initiative's Basic Creation Training course.

Answering biblical objections to a literal six day creation
When I ask many Christians why they believe the earth is old very seldom do they start with the Bible. Instead their initial answer is based on the scientific evidence.

In other words, their understanding of science has a higher authority than the Bible on this issue. (However their knowledge of the scientific methods for dating rocks and fossils is not complete) They have not been taught about all the scientific evidences for a young earth. When asked to provide biblical support for an old earth, many suggestions have been given, such as:

• The day age theory
• 2 Peter 3:8
• Plant death before sin
• The gap Theory
• Genesis 2:4 and the word day
• Framework hypothesis (Genesis is not real history)

In this session we examine each of these challenges to a literal six day creation.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Secret Code of Creation (Fractals) - Dr. Jason Lisle

In this video, astrophysicist and author, Dr. Jason Lisle, presents a compelling argument for God being the creator of the universe. It's entitled "The Secret Code Of Creation". Dr. Lisle showcases the Mandelbrot set of numbers, their infinitude and complexity, and speaks on the One who could have created such an intricate concept.