Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Global Tectonics and the Flood - Dr. John Baumgardner

Part 1

Part 2

Video produced in 2006 by Answers in Genesis

Dr. John Baumgardner examines how catastrophic plate tectonics could have been a major mechanism in the Genesis Flood model. Using the very creative 3-D model known as TERRA, which he developed during his thesis research, Dr. Baumgardner shows how this massive upheaval of the earth’s surface may have helped create the conditions necessary for such a devastating worldwide event.

Ph.D. Geophysics & Space Physics 1983 University of California, Los Angeles

M.S. Geophysics & Space Physics 1981 University of California, Los Angeles

M.S. Electrical Engineering 1970 Princeton University

B.S. Electrical Engineering 1968 Texas Tech University

Professional Positions
Logos Research Associates, Vice President and Senior Research Associate, 10/2008-present.

Institute for Creation Research, Associate Professor of Geophysics, 1/05-6/08.

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Theoretical Division, Technical Staff Member, 2/84 to 6/04.

Rockwell International, Rocketdyne Division, Laser Department, Member of Technical Staff, 6/78-1/84.

Campus Crusade for Christ, Campus Ministry Staff, 7/75-6/78.

U.S. Air Force, Air Force Weapons Laboratory, Laser Division, Kirtland AFB, NM, Project Officer, 1/71-5/75.

Dr. Baumgardner's websites: Logos Research Associates

Available on DVD

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Creation / Evolution Debate 02 - Dr. Kent Hovind vs Dr. Ben Waggoner, Biology Professor, University of Central Arkansas

Video by Creation Science Evangelism

Is the general theory of evolution a science or a religion? Biology professor Dr. Ben Waggoner, a staunch Darwinist from the University of Central Arkansas defends evolution as a science. Dr. Hovind presents evolution as an un-scientific religion. Excellent question and answer session with the audience.

You can watch over 20 of Hovind's debates through this playlist, or get the debates on DVD.

All of CSE's videos are free to reproduce and distribute, as long as they are not edited or altered.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Evidence For a Young World - Dr. Russell Humphreys

Part 1

Part 2

Also see this article by Dr. Humphreys on evidence for a young world


Dr Humphreys was awarded his Ph.D. in physics from Louisiana State University in 1972, by which time he was a fully convinced creationist. For the next 6 years he worked in the High Voltage Laboratory of General Electric Company, designing and inventing equipment and researching high-voltage phenomena. While there, he received a U.S. patent and one of Industrial Research Magazine's IR-100 awards.

Beginning in 1979 he worked for Sandia National Laboratories (New Mexico) in nuclear physics, geophysics, pulsed-power research, and theoretical atomic and nuclear physics. In 1985, he began working with Sandia's 'Particle Beam Fusion Project', and was co-inventor of special laser-triggered 'Rimfire' high-voltage switches, now coming into wider use.

The last few years at Sandia had seen greater emphasis on theoretical nuclear physics and radiation hydrodynamics in an effort to help produce the world's first lab-scale thermonuclear fusion. Besides gaining another U.S. patent, Dr Humphreys has been given two awards from Sandia, including an Award for Excellence for contributions to light ion-fusion target theory.

B.S., Duke University, Durham, NC, 1963
Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, 1972

Creation Science Fellowship of New Mexico, President
Industrial Research Magazine's IR-100 award
Award for Excellence for contributions to light ion-fusion target theory
Adjunct professor of the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego
board member of the Creation Research Society.

Dr Humphreys has published some 20 papers in secular scientific journals, as well as many creationist technical papers. He is also the author of Starlight and Time, in which he proposes a model that the universe may only be thousands of years old even though light from distant stars appears to have taken billions of years to reach Earth. He is also author of "Evidences for a Young World."

Secular Science Publications and Awards
Recently measured helium diffusion rate for zircon suggests inconsistency with U-Pb age for Awards Fenton Hill granodiorite (lead author is Humphreys), Eos, Transactions of the American and Geophysical Union 84(46), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract V32C-1047 (December 2003). Poster at .

The enigma of the ubiquity of 14C in organic samples older than 100 ka (lead author is J. R. Baumgardner), Eos, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union 84(46), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract V32C-1045 (December 2003). Poster at .

U.S. Patent No. 6,350,015 (26 Feb 2002) Magnetic drive systems and methods for a micromachined fluid ejector.

Sandia National Laboratories Award for Excellence 1995.

Comparison of experimental results and calculated detector responses for PBFA II thermal source experiments, Review of Scientific Instruments 63(10), October 1992.

Sandia National Laboratories Award for Excellence in developing and executing new and innovative light ion target theory, 1990.
Inertial confinement fusion with light ion beams, 13th Internat. Conf. on Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion Research, Washington, D.C. 1–6, October 1990.

Reducing aspect ratios in inertial confinement fusion targets, JOWOG 37 Conference, Albuquerque, NM, January 1990. (Contents classified).

U.S. Patent No. 4,808,368 (28 Feb. 1989) ‘High voltage supply for neutron tubes in well-logging applications.’

Sandia National Laboratories Exceptional Contribution Award, for Rimfire laser-triggered gas-insulated switch, 1988.

Progress toward a superconducting opening switch, Proceedings of the Sixth IEEE Pulsed Power Conference, Arlington, Virginia, 1987, pp. 279–282.

Scaling relations for the Rimfire multi-stage gas switch, Proceedings of the Sixth IEEE Pulsed Power Conference, Arlington, VA, 29 June – 1 August 1987.

Industrial Research Magazine IR-100 award to PBFA-II project, 1986.

Rimfire: a six megavolt laser-triggered gas-filled switch for PBFA-II, Proceedings of the Fifth IEEE Pulsed Power Conference, Arlington, Virginia, 10–12 June 1985, pp. 262–269.

PBFA II, a 100 TW pulsed power driver for the inertial confinement fusion program, Proceedings of the Fifth IEEE Pulsed Power Conference, Arlington, Virginia, 10–12 June 1985.

Uranium logging with prompt fission neutrons, International Journal of Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 34:261–268, 1983.

Scientific creationism, Physics Today 35:84–86, June 1982.

Uranium logging with prompt fission neutrons, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, NS–28 (1981) 1691–1695.

Pulsed neutron gamma ray logging for minerals associated with uranium, 6th Conf. on Small Accelerators in Research and Industry, Denton, TX, November 3–5, 1980. Sandia National Laboratories document no. SAND80-1531.

Industrial Research Magazine IR-100 award for lightning waveform recorder (to D. R. Humphreys and two others), 1978.

U.S. Patent No. 4,054,835 (18 Oct. 1977) ‘Rapid-response electric field sensor.’

Wide-range multi-channel analog switch, Nuclear Instruments and Methods 121:505–508, 1974.

The 1/γ velocity dependence of nucleon-nucleus optical potentials, Nuclear Physics A182 (1972) 580.

Studies of hadron interactions at energies around 10 TeV using an ionization spectrometer–emulsion chamber combination, Proc. 11th Int. Conf. on Cosmic Rays, Budapest 1969, in Acta Physica Acad. Sci. Hungaricae 29 (1970) 497–503.

Wide-range multi-input pulse height recording system, Review of Scientific Instruments 38 (1967) 1123–1127.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Creation / Evolution Debate 01 - Dr. Kent Hovind at University of West Florida

A presentation by Dr. Kent Hovind of Creation Science Evangelism at the University of West Florida, this proved to be a very lively question and answer exchange as the anthropology class was shown the creation view of history! This tape is one of the best argumentative treatments on the subjects of creation, evolution, and dinosaurs available.
Length: 2:58:57

Visit Hovind's website at

You may get this video on DVD.

All of CSE's videos are free to reproduce and distribute.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Feasibility of Noah's Ark

Did the ark really exist? How big was the ark? How could it possibly fit all the species on earth? Could a wooden ship that big actually hold up on the sea? Were there dinosaurs on the ark?

This an 11 minute episode of the Institute for Creation Research's Science, Scripture and Salvation radio journal. You may listen to archives of ICR's radio program here.

You may also purchase the book, Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study by John Woodmorappe.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Worldwide Flood - Geological Evidences - with Dr. Andrew Snelling


Part 2

Part 3

Produced by Origins TV

Andrew A. Snelling, B.Sc.(Hons), Ph.D.
Answers in Genesis USA

Dr. Andrew Snelling, one of the world’s most respected creation scientists specializing in geological studies, joined Answers in Genesis in 2007 as the organization’s new director of research, and also as a speaker for layperson and technical audiences. The addition of Dr. Snelling has further confirmed AiG’s effort to meet the highest standards in its research in creation studies.

Dr. Snelling, who spent considerable time serving as a consultant in developing the AiG Creation Museum’s large flood-geology room, becomes AiG’s first full-time Ph.D. in the field of geology. Dr. Snelling earned his PhD degree in geology from the University of Sydney in Australia.

Dr. Snelling has extensive experience working in the mining industry in Australia. One of his main areas of research has been the study of methods used in dating rocks, a key area of research for groups like AiG, which are convinced of a young age for the earth. Snelling’s research, for example, has shown different radioisotope dates on the same rock samples. In addition, Dr. Snelling’s research has indicated that radioactive decay rates must not have been constant in the past, citing the halos in rock crystals, which clearly show radioactive decay was accelerated in the past.

Dr. Snelling’s research has demonstrated that a global flood more than 4,300 years ago explains most rock layers and fossil deposits found around the world. Building from this foundation, Dr. Snelling has made predictions as to what should be found if a catastrophic global flood actually happened (e.g., the existence of extensive rock layers).

Andrew A. Snelling, B.Sc.(Hons), Ph.D. (Geology) was for many years Geologist, Senior Research Scientist and Editor of the CEN Technical Journal (now Journal of Creation) at Creation Science Foundation (now Creation Ministries International), Brisbane, Australia. He still lives in Brisbane, but from 1998 worked for the Institute for Creation Research, USA, where he was an Associate Professor of Geology. Since 2007 he has been working for Answers in Genesis USA as Director of Research.

Andrew completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Geology with First Class Honours at The University of New South Wales in Sydney, and graduated a Doctor of Philosophy (in geology) at The University of Sydney, for his thesis entitled A geochemical study of the Koongarra uranium deposit, Northern Territory, Australia. Between studies and since, Andrew worked for six years in the exploration and mining industries in Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and the Northern Territory variously as a field, mine and research geologist. Full-time with the Australian creation ministry from 1983 to 1998, he was during this time also called upon as a geological consultant to the Koongarra uranium project (1983–1992).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Creation Evidence from South America - Dr. Don Patton

See the photographs of the South American dinosaur art.

Read Dr. Patton's notes for this seminar.

Dr. Patton has made numerous trips to Peru, together with Dr. Dennis Swift, to inversigate the ceremonial burial stones in the Inca tombs (c.a. 500-1500 AD). Almost one third of the stones depict specific types of dinosaurs.

The evolutionary scenario tells us that man and dinosaur were separated by at least 65 million years and "modern" man's conception of dinosaurs did not begin until the 1800's. This find appears to falsify that theory and verify the fact that ancient Peruvians saw these dinosaurs.

See the stones for yourself. Hear the whole story and learn of the numerous independent sources of confirmation. See the ancient tombs and view the tapestry (ca. 700 AD) which clearly displays the dinosaur motif.

Visit the ruins of Tiwanaku, a city that existed before Christ with astounding technology; 20,000 ton building stones, precisely cut into complex geometrical shapes, ancient temple walls decorated with human faces typical of today's recess. This is a record that defies the often heard story of "primitive" man and evolutionary development.

Dr. Patton has a broad educational background;
4 years at Florida College, Temple Terrace, FL (Bible);
2 years at Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN (Geology);
2 years at Indiana Univ./Purdue Univ., Indianapolis, IN (Geology);
2 years, Pacific School of Graduate Studies.

He has worked as Geologist in US, Canada, Australia, England, Mexico, Peru, bolvia, Cambodia, Israel, and Jordan. Dr. Patton has participated in dinosaur excavations in Colorado, Texas, Utah, Wyoming and Canada. He is credited with excavating the longest consecutive dinosaur trail in North America, totaling 157 tracks, extending over 500 feet.

He is a member of the Geological Society of America and was a speaker at their 1997 annual convention. Dr. Patton lectures at universities accross the United States. He has conducted up to twelve Creation/Evolution Seminars a year for twenty five years.

He has participated in numerous public debates on creation/evolution including radio and TV debates. He has testified three times before Texas State Textbook Committee, Austin, TX. Presently, Dr. Patton is consulting geologist & partner in Mazada Corporation, Dallas, TX. He is a staff geologist of the Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, TX, staff geologist for the Qumran Plateau excavation in Israel, an area supervisor at the City of David excavation in Jerusalem and chairman of the Metroplex Institute of Origon Science. He preaches for the Melrose Church of Christ in Richardson, Texas.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wonders of the Human Body by Frank Sherwin


"Think of a larger symphony producing the works of Mozart or Beethoven. It all begins with the individual playing his part. This is much like how our body operates with its 11 systems working in concert. Sadly, schools and the media erroneously teach that the human body is the result of “millions of years” of Darwinian evolution. No credit is given to the One who created these amazing systems designed to work as one. Consider our eye construction, the dynamic skeleton, the ability to hear the faintest sound, the brain’s amazing circuitry. The human body – a testament to our Creator’s wonderful intellect!
(Take a tour of our amazing body with its various interacting systems that could only have been designed by God)

This video file is a 60 minute seminar by Frank Sherwin that was recorded during the Seattle Creation Conference August 2007.

About the Speaker:

Frank has a B.A. in Biology from Western State College in Colorado and an M.A. in Zoology from the University of Northern Colorado. Frank's specialty is parasitology. He discovered a new species of parasite, a nematode of the family Acuariidae. He published his research in the peer-reviewed Journal of Parasitology with the late Dr. G.D. Schmidt. Before coming to work for ICR, Frank taught Human Physiology & Anatomy, Medical Microbiology, Parasitology, General Biology I & II and Cell Biology for 9 years at Pensacola Christian College. He is a member of the American Society of Parasitologists and the Helminthological Society of Washington."

The PowerPoint file used in this presentation is also available and may be viewed as web presentation or downloaded and used freely.

PowerPoint file:

View as Web Presentation

Download File 15.8 MB

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Darwin's Dilemma - The Mystery of the Cambrian Explosion



Description from, where you can schedule screenings and purchase the DVD:

Where Did the Information Come From?
Darwin’s Dilemma explores one of the great mysteries in the history of life: The geologically-sudden appearance of dozens of major complex animal types in the fossil record without any trace of the gradual transitional steps Charles Darwin had predicted. Frequently described as “the Cambrian Explosion,” the development of these new animal types required a massive increase in genetic information. “The big question that the Cambrian Explosion poses is where does all that new information come from?” says Dr. Stephen Meyer, a featured expert in the documentary and author of the book Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design.

Links to moreResources on the Cambrian Explosion

Creation / Evolution Lecture by Dr. John D. Morris of ICR

Lecture on:
1. Creation/Evolution
2. Radiometric dating has not been constant
3. Genetic entropy and the age of the earth
4. New research on DNA similarities between humans and chimps
5. Question & Answer time
6. etc.

John D. Morris, Ph.D.
President, Institute for Creation Research - Geology
B.S., Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia 1969
M.S., Geological Engineering, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma 1977
Ph.D., Geological Engineering, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma 1980

John's bio from the ICR website:
Specialty: Geology, Noah's Ark/Flood, Fossil Record, Age of the Earth, Mount St. Helens

Dr. John Morris, perhaps best known for leading expeditions to Mt. Ararat in search of Noah's Ark, served on the University of Oklahoma faculty before joining the Institute for Creation Research in 1984. He received his Doctorate in Geological Engineering at the University of Oklahoma in 1980. Dr. Morris held the position of Professor of Geology before being appointed President in 1996. He travels widely around the world speaking at churches, conferences, schools, and scientific meetings. Dr. Morris has written numerous books and articles on the scientific evidence that supports the Bible. Dr. Morris is the author or co-author of such books as The Young Earth, The Modern Creation Trilogy, and the newly released The Fossil Record: Unearthing Nature's History of Life.

Available books by John D. Morris:

The Fossil Record: Unearthing Nature's History of Life
The Young Earth: The Real History of the Earth—Past, Present, and Future
The Modern Creation Trilogy Footprints in the Ash
The Geology Book
Noah's Ark and the Ararat Adventure
A Trip to the Ocean

Click here for articles by Dr. John Morris.