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Why is Evolutionary 'Just-So' Story-Telling Tolerated? - 15 Questions for Evolutionists #12

15 Questions for Evolutionists -- Question 12
Why is evolutionary ‘just-so’ story-telling tolerated? Evolutionists often use flexible story-telling to ‘explain’ observations contrary to evolutionary theory. NAS(USA) member Dr Philip Skell wrote, “Darwinian explanations for such things are often too supple: Natural selection makes humans self-centered and aggressive—except when it makes them altruistic and peaceable. Or natural selection produces virile men who eagerly spread their seed—except when it prefers men who are faithful protectors and providers. When an explanation is so supple that it can explain any behavior, it is difficult to test it experimentally, much less use it as a catalyst for scientific discovery.”8 See: ‘Just-so’ stories of sex and family life.

Marvellous Machines Marvellous Machines - (18:53)
Generations of students all over the world have read statements in textbooks like "Slowly, over many generations, the simple single-celled life forms, evolved into ...
15 Questions for Evolutionists -- Question 11 15 Questions for Evolutionists -- Question 11 - (20:18)
Question 11 in CMI's '15 Questions for Evolutionists' flyer focuses on the origin of meaning and morality. Without a moral law giver how do ...

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Evidences of the Bible - Fred Williams

Part 1

Fred's topic is titled "Evidences of the Bible." Fred has been engaging Bible skeptics for many years and has compiled answers to a wide range of questions and criticisms leveled against the Bible. His presentation on Bible apologetics not only provides solid answers to the skeptics, but also lays out a powerful line of evidence showing that the Bible must be divinely inspired. Topics include accuracy of prophecy, findings in archeology, scientific knowledge before its time, textual integrity, and much more.

Fred is a member of the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship Board of Directors, Fred Williams. He has been giving lectures on creation for over 17 years to churches, schools, conferences, and other organizations.

Part 2

Fred Williams is the co-host of the Real Science Friday radio show that airs every Friday at 3:00pm MT.

Real Science Friday

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Heavens Declare - Chris Ashcraft

The Heavens Declare
by Chris W. Ashcraft, MS., M.Ed.
Seattle Creation Conference, September 2011.
Modern astronomy offers mankind a look at the cosmos never before seen. The size and beauty of astronomical bodies is a testimony to the magnificence that is our Father in heaven. This presentation aptly uses the scale of the cosmos to guide viewers to a better appreciation of the Glory of God as is revealed by the heavens. Drawing from images taken by space telescopes and spacecraft, we will tour the solar system, distant nebulae, and galaxies that testify of the creators power.
This video file is a 50 minute seminar by Chris Ashcraft that was recorded during the Seattle Creation Conference September 2011 at Wooden Valley Baptist Church.
DVDs of the Seattle Creation Conference are available for purchase at the  web store.

About the Speaker:
Christopher Wayne Ashcraft, M.S., M.Ed. is a creation scientist, speaker, and educator. He obtained the Bachelor of Science in biology from Wayland Baptist University in 1989, a Master of Science in biology from Texas Tech University in 1996, and a Master of Education from the University of Washington in 2008, and is currently a fulltime graduate student at Seattle Pacific University.
Chris was a research technician for 12 years specialized in plant tissue culture and genetic transformation technology, and is now a high school science teacher at Cedar Park Christian Schools where he teaches Biology, Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and Creation Apologetics.
He moved from research into teaching in response to serve God in creation science missions. He is firmly committed to researching and teaching creation apologetics and speaks periodically at churches, schools, and creation organizations in the Northwest United States. He is the founder of the Northwest Creation Network and the CreationWiki internet encyclopedia where he serves as senior administrator. He also organizes the Seattle Creation Conference

Seattle Creation Conference 2011

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Truth about Darwin - Dr. Brad Harrub

Focus Press | Join Dr. Brad Harrub at the Galapagos as he examines the life of Charles Darwin and his theory of Evolution.

Brad Harrub holds an earned B.S. degree in biology from Kentucky Wesleyan College, and an earned doctorate degree in anatomy and neurobiology from the College of Medicine at the University of Tennessee in Memphis.

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Why Do You Use the Bible to Prove the Bible? - Creation Today

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Why Do You Use the Bible to Prove the Bible?

Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor discuss a viewer question: “Isn’t it circular reasoning to use the Bible to prove the Bible?” Listen as they discuss this common fallacy and how clinging to the Word of God as your absolute authority can transform how you share your faith with others.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Creation / Evolution Debate 09 - Dr. Hovind vs Dr. Karen Bartelt (PhD in Biochemistry)

by Creation Today

Dr. Dr. Karen Bartelt of Eureka College, IL, Ph.D. in biochemistry and outspoken evolutionist, tries to show that evolution is scientific. Because so many topics left unanswered questions, we have added post-debate comments by Dr. Hovind. Many said that this debate delivered the most lively exchange they have witnessed.

Get this debate on DVD at the Creation Store.

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The Moral Impact Of Darwinism On Society - Dr. Phil Fernandes

by Phil Fernandes
Seattle Creation Conference, October 2011

Darwinian thought has not only damaged our scientific knowledge of the world--it has also led to the moral decline in the West. Many leaders have tried to apply evolutionary science to moral issues, and the results have been devastating. Darwinian evolution denies that man was created in God's image and has led to the de-valuing of human life. It has played a significant role in the eugenics ("good genes") movement, ultimately leading to atrocities such as the holocaust, abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. The influence of evolutionary thought on Planned Parenthood, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and American culture will be examined.
This video file is a 60 minute seminar by Phil Fernandes that was recorded during the Seattle Creation Conference October 2011 at Wooden Valley Baptist Church.
DVDs of the Seattle Creation Conference are available for purchase in our web store.
About the Speaker:
Dr. Phil Fernandes is a Biblical apologist and lecturer. He has a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion degree from Greenwich University, and is the President of the Institute of Biblical Defense.
He has lectured and debated on numerous college campuses including: Princeton, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), and the University of Washington. He has debated some of America's leading atheist thinkers such as Dr. Michael Martin (Professor of Philosophy, Boston University), Dan Barker, Jeff Lowder, and Elliot Ratzman

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Current Events in Creationist Astronomy - Dr. Donald DeYoung

by Don DeYoung PhDSeattle Creation Conference, September 2011

Ten questions will be covered including, Is there life in space? Did an asteroid kill the dinosaurs? What would change on earth if there was no moon? Will the world end in 2012? The answers to such questions strongly support the creation worldview.
This video file is a 50 minute seminar by Don DeYoung that was recorded during the Seattle Creation Conference October 2011 at Wooden Valley Baptist Church.
DVDs of this seminar are available for purchase from the Creation Web Store.

Seattle Creation Conference 2011

About the Speaker:
Dr. Donald B. DeYoung is an avid creation scientist and educator specializing in astronomy and physics. He chairs the Department of Science and Mathematics at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana. Don has taught at Grace College since 1972. Sabbatical travels have taken him to San Diego, Europe and the South Pacific.

Dr. DeYoung is the current president of the Creation Research Society with over 1,700 members worldwide. The CRS funds research, operates a lab in Arizona and publishes books and a technical Quartely journal. He gives lectures on many creation topics including astronomyintelligent design, the Genesis Flood, and dinosaurs. Don strongly believes that the details in nature definitively point to the Creator and His love for mankind. Don also conducts workshops for children with hands-on Bible-science activities. He also writes and speaks for the organization Answers in Genesis.

Our Created Moon 80 Page Casebound
ISBN 9780890515815
Retail Price: $15.99
Astronomy and the Bible155 page paperback. ISBN: 978-0-88469-267-6.
Retail Price: $14.99
Thousands...Not Billions250 page paperback.
ISBN: 0890514410

Retail Price: $13.99
Discovery of Design . ISBN: 9780890515747Retail Price: $12.99

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How do 'Living Fossils' Remain Unchanged over 100s of Millions of Years? - 15 Questions for Evolutionists #10

15 Questions for Evolutionists -- Question 10
Living fossils are fossilized animals and plants that look similar to modern organisms. Random mutations would have been occurring in creatures throughout such supposed vast time periods separating the assumed ancient and modern organisms. How then would 'living fossils' remain unchanged over supposed hundreds of millions of years, if evolution has changed worms into humans in the same time frame?

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15 Questions for Evolutionists

Monday, July 2, 2012

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is a documentary film charging Darwinists with suppressing and persecuting scholars who disagree with them in order to avoid discussing the scientific challenges which intelligent design presents to the Origins of Species aspects of the theory of evolution.[1] . The film's premise, which it goes on to prove with unassailable logic, is that scientists have been met with harsh opposition and/or received punishments from schools, universities and the scientific community merely for daring to ask inconvenient questions.[2] The documentary is co-written and hosted by Ben Stein and was released in America on Friday, April 18, 2008.
  • This movie follows Ben Stein as he seeks to prove that far from being a pseudo-science trying to undermine evolutionary biology, Intelligent Design is in fact a legitimate science being suppressed by a scientific establishment that is hostile to any deviation from the status quo. [3]
In the film's trailer, Stein states that there are "people out there who want to keep science in a little box where it can’t possibly touch God" and that "freedom of thought and freedom of inquiry have been expelled from publicly-funded high schools, universities and research institutions."[4] This also refers to privately funded science institutions as well.
Perhaps most infuriatingly true and telling for design opponents is the way the film links Darwin's ideas to Social Darwinism and destructive, immoral, atheistic ideologies such as Hitler's National Socialism and Marxist socialism.[5]
The film clearly shows that scientists and educators who promote intelligent design are persecuted by the scientific establishment.[6] Examples given by the film include Richard Sternberg, a biologist, journal editor, and research associate at the National Museum of Natural History, and Guillermo Gonzalez, a pro-intelligent design astrophysicist denied tenure at Iowa State University in 2007.[4]

Meet some of the scientists featured in Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Read Weikart's article, "Darwin and the Nazis" from The American Spectator, April 16, 2008.

Reviews of Expelled
Stein Turns the Tables on Darwinists, Chris Weinkopf, Los Angeles Daily News, April 19, 2008.
Why the Darwin-Hitler Link Is So Sensitive, Tom Gilson, ThinkingChristian.net, April 19, 2008.
Ben Stein Vs. Sputtering Atheists, Brent Bozell III, Townhall, April 18, 2008.
Review of "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed", Edward Douglas, ComingSoon.net, April 18, 2008.
Intelligent Critique, Dave Berg, National Review Online, April 18, 2008.
Ben Stein Exposes Richard Dawkins, Dinesh D'Souza, AOL News Bloggers, April 18, 2008.
FIRST-PERSON: The difference 'Expelled' will make, William A. Dembski, Baptist Press, April 18, 2008.
An Intelligent Discussion about Life, Bruce Chapman, The Seattle Times, April 17, 2008.
'Expelled': Intelligent Design foes no match for Stein, Florida Baptist Witness, April 17, 2008.
Myths about 'Expelled', Chuck Colson, Breakpoint, April 11, 2008.
Stein Goes to Bat for Intelligent Design, Bruce Bennett, New York Sun, April 11, 2008.
Seriously Funny, Marvin Olasky, WORLD Magazine, April 5, 2008.
No Discussion Allowed, Brett McCracken, The Search, February 28, 2008.
No Intelligence Allowed!, Tom Bethell, The American Spectator, February 19, 2008

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The Theory of Intelligent Design: Briefing Packet for Educators
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