Friday, July 27, 2012

Evidences of the Bible - Fred Williams

Part 1

Fred's topic is titled "Evidences of the Bible." Fred has been engaging Bible skeptics for many years and has compiled answers to a wide range of questions and criticisms leveled against the Bible. His presentation on Bible apologetics not only provides solid answers to the skeptics, but also lays out a powerful line of evidence showing that the Bible must be divinely inspired. Topics include accuracy of prophecy, findings in archeology, scientific knowledge before its time, textual integrity, and much more.

Fred is a member of the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship Board of Directors, Fred Williams. He has been giving lectures on creation for over 17 years to churches, schools, conferences, and other organizations.

Part 2

Fred Williams is the co-host of the Real Science Friday radio show that airs every Friday at 3:00pm MT.

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