Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What Darwin Didn't Know - Dr. Robert Carter

Seminar by Dr. Robert Carter
September 18, 2014
Cedar Park Christian School - Mountlake Terrace, WA.

Studio photo showing Darwin's characteristic large forehead and bushy eyebrows with deep set eyes, pug nose and mouth set in a determined look. He is bald on top, with dark hair and long side whiskers but no beard or moustache.
Dr. Carter shares historical insight into Darwin’s past and the ideas that helped formulate the most widely embraced theory in science. Do Darwin’s theories on origins still stand up in today’s scientific world? If he were alive today, what would he think of the currently accepted evidence for his theory? In light of modern science, would he dare to invent an evolutionary theory of origins if he were still around now? Come find out What Darwin Didn’t Know.

About the Speaker:
Dr Carter was converted to Christ at an early age, but did not know what to do with the theory of evolution. He always knew what he wanted to believe, but had no way to express what he was thinking and no evidence to support his views. In his freshman year of college, he was exposed to the information for creation for the first time and soon after adopted it as his modus operandi. He says he felt a tremendous joy when he realized his science and his religion were no longer at odds. This joy (and, he says, Creation magazine and the Journal of Creation) enabled him to get through the in-depth evolutionary training of his undergraduate and graduate programs with his faith intact.

He obtained a BS in Applied Biology from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1992. He then spent four years teaching high school biology, chemistry, physics and electronics before going to the University of Miami to obtain his PhD in Marine Biology. He successfully completed this program in 2003 with a dissertation on “Cnidarian Fluorescent Proteins.” While in Miami, he studied the genetics of pigmentation in corals and other invertebrates, designed and built an aquaculture facility for Caribbean corals, performed well over 500 SCUBA dives, many of them at night, and licensed a spin-off product of his research (a patented fluorescent protein) to a biotech company. See longer version of bio.

He is currently a senior scientist and speaker for Creation Ministries International-USA in Atlanta, Georgia, where he lives with his wife, Leanne, and children and is currently researching human genetics and other issues related to biblical creation.

This seminar was recorded during a special assembly at Cedar Park Christian Schools - Mountlake Terrace campus. (http://www.cpcsschools.com/mountlaket...). The event was sponsored by the NW Creation Network.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dr. Kent Hovind vs Dr. Eugenie Genie Scott - #Creation / #Evolution Radio Debate

Broadcast on WBT Radio, (Charlotte, NC) in 1993. Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science Education debates Young Earth Creationist Kent Hovind.

BIO: Dr. Kent Hovind

Bio from http://creationtoday.org/about/dr-kent-hovind/

Kent Hovind became a Christian at age sixteen and immediately desired to serve Christ with his life. His keen interest in math and science throughout his high school career prompted his enrollment at Illinois Central College as a science major. After two years of undergraduate work there, and feeling God calling him to full-time Christian service, he completed his bachelor of religious education degree at Midwestern Baptist College of Pontiac, Michigan in 1974.

For fifteen years Hovind taught high school math and science, during which time he completed his master’s degree in education. While researching and writing his doctoral dissertation on the subject of creation vs. evolution, he saw the tremendous need for exposing evolution as a dangerous, religious worldview, and for arming Christians with scientific evidence that there are no contradictions between true science and the Bible. In response to these needs, shortly after finishing his Ph.D. in religious education, he began a full-time ministry of presenting the foundational truth of creation and the utter fallacy of evolution with a mission of strengthening the faith of believers and winning the lost to Christ. His award-winning seven-part Creation Seminar continues to travel around the globe with translations in thirty-two languages.

Kent Hovind contributes his creation resources exclusively through Creation Today and The Creation Store.

Eugenie Scott bio from http://ncse.com/about/speakers
Speaker: Eugenie C. Scott, Ph.D.
Title: Chair, Advisory Council, NCSE
Education: Ph.D., University of Missouri (Physical Anthropology)
Eugenie C. Scott: Eugenie C. ScottEugenie Scott, a former university professor, served as the executive director of NCSE from 1987 to 2014; she now serves as the chair of NCSE's Advisory Council. She has been both a researcher and an activist in the creationism/evolution controversy for over twenty-five years, and can address many components of this controversy, including educational, legal, scientific, religious, and social issues. She has received national recognition for her NCSE activities, including awards from scientific societies, educational societies, skeptics groups, and humanist groups. She holds nine honorary degrees, from McGill, Rutgers, Mt. Holyoke, the University of New Mexico, Ohio State, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Colorado College, the University of Missouri-Columbia, and Chapman University. A dynamic speaker, she offers stimulating and thought-provoking as well as entertaining lectures and workshops. Scott is the author of Evolution vs Creationism and co-editor, with Glenn Branch, of Not in Our Classrooms: Why Intelligent Design Is Wrong for Our Schools.
Suggested Honorarium: $5000
Topics: For the general public:
  • Creationism and evolution: historical, scientific, political, legal, educational, and/or religious perspectives (as requested)
Topics: For scientists and teachers:
  • Teaching evolution and/or the nature of science
  • Coping with antievolutionism
For school boards and administrators::
  • Legal aspects of teaching evolution and creationism