Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How Do I Train to Be a Creation Speaker? - Mike Riddle on Creation Today

How Do I Train to Be a Creation Speaker? – Season 3 Episode 21

Eric and Paul chat with their special guest, Mike Riddle, President and Founder of Creation Training Initiative, pioneering programs to train the next generation of creation and apologetics speakers. (www.creationtraining.org) Don’t miss Mike’s testimony which ends with a wonderful concluding twist!

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Basic Creation Training Course - Mike Riddle

  1. 1

    #01 Did God Use Evolution -Mike Riddle

    Did God Use Evolution?
    Many church leaders and Christians today believe God used evolution as part of His creation process. Many Christians have been influenced by th…
  2. 2

    #02 The Days of Creation in Genesis -Mike Riddle

    There is a lot of controversy about the length of the days of creation in Genesis 1. In our analysis we will start with establishing the importance of the book of Genesis. This is because many Christians do not see the importance of creation or even the book of Genesis. Secondly, we will examine …
  3. 3

    #03 Objections to 6 days -Mike Riddle

    Answering biblical objections to a literal six day creation
    When I ask many Christians why they believe the earth is old very seldom do they start with the Bible. Instead their initial answer is based on the sc…
  4. 4

    #04 The Genesis Flood -Mike Riddle

    The Genesis Flood
    Was the Genesis Flood a worldwide flood or a local flood? Does it make any difference…
  5. 5

    #05 Genesis Flood Part 2 Geology -Mike Riddle

    The Evolution worldview requires long ages for all the physical processes and structures to form around the earth such as large canyons, sedimentation and mountains. But do all these really require long ages? In this talk we will examine geologic evidences that demonstrate long ag…
  6. 6

    #06 Genesis Flood Part 3 Geology -Mike Riddle

    Does the Fossil Record Really Support Evolution?
    We often hear that the fossil record proves evolution. For decades students have been taught a continual progression of evolution in the geologic …
  7. 7

    #07 Origin of Life -Mike Riddle

    In this presentation Mike discusses why the origin of life is a major problem for people holding to a belief in evolution. By showing that there is no scientific evidence for how life could start by naturalistic processes it must ultimately be accepted by faith. Mike also talks about the fact that the te…
  8. 8

    #8 The Big Bang -Mike Riddle

    Is the Big Bang compatible with the Bible…

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