Friday, January 3, 2014

Astronomy Reveals Creation - Dr. Jason Lisle

Part 1


What does astronomy have to say about the truth of the Bible?

Many people use astronomy to challenge Scripture, but what do the heavens actually reveal? Dr. Jason Lisle, ICR Director of Research, explores five "secrets of the cosmos" to find out. Through his presentation, we see how the universe declares the glory of God and how the Bible is right when it talks about the basics of astronomy. It is also right when it speaks to the age of the universe, the uniqueness of Earth, and the issue of distant starlight.

Dr. Lisle confirms that when we really understand the Bible and the universe, we find that the scientific evidence lines up with Scripture. When it comes to astronomy — the Bible is right!




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Part 3



Title: Astronomy Reveals Creation (DVD)
Author: Dr. Jason Lisle
Publisher: ICR
Publication Date: 2013
Audience: General
Format: DVD, Region 1 Color NTSC
Run Time: 62 minutes
Subtitles: No
Dimensions: 7½ x 5 3/8 x ½ in.
Shipping Weight: 3.0 oz
ISBN-13: 978-1-935587-40-8
Item Number: DARC