Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tracing Genesis Through Ancient Culture - Paul James-Griffiths

Tracing Genesis Through Ancient Culture

Paul James-Griffiths
Did religion evolve from primitive nature worship, to belief in many gods, to belief in a single creator God?

Paul James-Griffiths of Edinburgh Creation Group challenges this view as he examines ancient cultures and religions. He shows how the texts and customs of multiple ancient cultures converge on the major events recorded in the early chapters of Genesis. Paul then argues these religions that diverge in many other ways must have had a common root - Genesis.

Paul James-Griffiths

Paul James-Griffiths – Cultural Missionary
Paul James-Griffiths was born in Malaysia in 1962 and was converted to Christ out of paganism/New Age when he was 20. He qualified in Ancient History and Classical Studies at University and taught for three years before God called him into full-time mission work in 1988.

His first ministry was with London City Mission (1988-2004). He was a church based evangelist for three years, followed by seven years of running a mission centre in a London estate. After this he was appointed to the position of Chaplain to the West End Theatres and he worked with the casts and backstage crews of productions like Cats, Lion King, Phantom of the Opera and Joseph. At the same time he pioneered outreaches into New Age festivals and districts in Covent Garden and Camden Town.

In 2004 Paul moved to Scotland to work with Edinburgh City Mission. He has pioneered the Christian Heritage Centre next to the Royal Mile, the Celtic Tour, outreach teams to the University students, the Underbelly (the night-clubbers in the Cowgate) and the crowds at the pagan festivals of Beltane and Samhuinn. Seeing the need of engaging with the intellectuals of the city he has established the Edinburgh Creation Group, to provide evidence for the Bible from history and science as part of the outreach. Paul works together with Isolde to put on classical music concert outreaches, and also produces resources for evangelism.

Paul is married to Isolde and they have three grown-up children: Miriam, Samuel and Julia, and a pet rabbit called Prince. His favourite hobbies are enjoying beautiful walks, good food, fishing, music, history and genealogy.