Thursday, May 9, 2013

Noah's Ark - Could it be True? - Jason Browning

Download PDF of this presentation. | Most people, including man Christians, regard the biblical account of Noah's flood as just a story or exageration of a local event. But there is considerable evidence that it could be true. In fact, Noah's flood is necessary to explain the geologic column, and the expected result would be an appearance of evolution as higher-level animals escapte the flood waters longer and get buried in higher layers. is a "Creation Study Group" whose purpose is to examine various aspects of the creation-evolution debate, educating Christians and non-Christians on the evidences in support of creation, and exposing the weaknesses of evolution. We desire that Christians be strengthened to defend their faith on this subject. We desire to help skeptics and seekers overcome the intellectual barrier that evolution explains how we got here, therefore making God and the Bible unnecessary. We recognize that "intelligent design" and "old-earth creationism" have many good arguments that point people to God and that He created, but ultimately we interpret the Bible and its historical accounts with a straightforward reading, believing that God created in six 24-hour days about 6,000 years ago. However, the most important aspect of this debate is to emphasize that God exists, He created, the Bible says so, and science confirms it.

Jason D. Browning, President. M.S. Computer Science, University of Connecticut, 1978. Member of the Creation Research Society. Chairman of the Elder Board at Sayre Woods Bible Church in Old Bridge, NJ. Has actively studied creation-evolution since 1984 and regularly teaches on this subject. Founding member of the Bell Labs Creation Club which ran from 1998-2003. He works in computer software at a major telecommunications firm.