Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Plant Power! Capitalizing on Chaos - Dr. Gary Parker

Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship was privileged to have as their December 1, 2006 speaker, Dr. Gary Parker. The title of Dr. Parker's talk was "Plant Power! Capitalizing on Chaos."

Plants are stunning evidence of Creation and Dr. Parker will show us why in his presentation. The random motion of water molecules, under correct direction and in a properly designed system, can be converted to direct motion. Hence we get water moving in plants and even up the tall Redwoods.

Dr. Gary ParkerDr. Parker is a Professor of Biology at the Institute for Creation Research and an internationally renowned speaker on creation. He is also a speaker for Answers in Genesis. Once an atheist who taught evolution to his biology students, he was very critical of Christians who compromised by denying a literal reading of Genesis. By doing this he had hoped to convert them to evolution. But they turned the tables on him. Now as a Christian, he still is critical of those who compromise the Bible, but he now uses his knowledge of evolution to show how scientific facts have failed to support the theories put forth by evolutionists.

Parker was previously the head of the Science Department at Clearwater Christian College (CCC) in Florida. He also served for twelve years on the science faculty of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) in the San Diego area. Dr. Parker has worked with Ken Ham, founder and Executive Director of AIG, at some of the well-attended Answers in Genesis seminars. He has also conducted citywide Understanding Genesis conferences. Gary was also co-presenter with Ken Ham in the popular video series, Answers in Genesis. He has appeared in numerous films and television programs and has lectured worldwide on creation. His most recent books are Exploring the World Around Us and The Fossils Book. Dr. Parker and his wife Mary are currently hosting a Creation Adventure Museum near Arcadia, Florida. They conduct Creation Workshops, fossil hunting and Canoe trips on the Peace River. The Family Program and Home School credit is provided by Mrs. Mary Parker, Museum Curator, field paleontologist and Dry Bones co-author.

Dr. Parker began his teaching career as a non-Christian and EVOLUTIONIST. The details of his spiritual and scientific conversion, From Evolution to Creation, include several comic incidents. For example, he was once a participant in a debate where his own science department defended the Bible against the Bible department, which defended evolution! Among his other publishing credits are five programmed textbooks in biology and six books in Creation Science (the latter translated into eight foreign languages).

Dr. Gary E. Parker is Chief Science Educator and Co-founder of Creation Adventures Museum.