Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Soft Dinosaur Skin, 1000s of Fossilized Human Footprints, many with Dino Footprints - with Dr. Aaron Judkins

A dinosaur skin sample from a 70-million-year-old hadrosaur
Hadrosaur Skin
On this episode of Genesis Week, Ian Juby talks about the 2012 find of soft dinosaur skin. See Press Release Here.

Then Ian interviews Dr. Aaron Judkins on the 1000s of fossilized human footprints that throw a huge wrench in the evolutionists belief system. Therefore, verified human fossilized footprints are thrown out and suppressed, especially when they are in conjunction with dinosaur footprints or throw off the evolutionists' dating system.

Dr. Judkins is the author of  The Global Phenomenon of Human Fossil Footprints in Rock

One of the most exciting anthropological evidences found around the world today is the phenomenon of human fossil footprints in rock. The human foot shows some of the most important characteristics of human anatomy.It is most useful to understand why evolution makes the claims it does and then compare it to the evidence.The dating techniques, geologic column, and the history of mankind which evolution has taught are in complete disarray with the empirical evidence. It is imperative that one understands the fallacies of the geologic column and the dating technique used to date rocks and fossils, and the supposed progression from ape to man. Since mainstream science only appreciates the evolutionary concept, the first part of thisbook is dedicated to dispelling this theory. This entails a detailed analysis of the theory of evolution, Darwinism, and the general impact this has had on academia. The second half of this book examines the global phenomenonof human fossil footprints in rock.