Saturday, February 23, 2013

Is There A Link Between Evolution and Abortion? | Creation Today with Stephen Lawwell

Paul Taylor and Eric Hovind welcome back guest Stephen Lawwell as they discuss Roe v. Wade, social darwinism and the slippery slope of eugenics.

 Picture of Stephen Lawwell
Stephen Lawwell received his undergraduate degree (B.Sc.) in Computer Science from Middle Tennessee State University in 1995 and a Masters of Theology (Th.M.) from Baptist College of America and Theological Seminary in 2007. Mr. Lawwell’s research into the subjects of creation and evolution, which began in 1991, led to the formation of the Victory Baptist School of Creation Science in Shelbyville, Tennessee in 2001 and Echoes of Eden in 2007.

There, along with his wife Barbie and two daughters, Savannah and Emma, Mr. Lawwell is active in various local church ministries and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Life Worth Living Ministries and God Quest.

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