Friday, February 1, 2013

Did a Good God make Bad Bugs? - John Mackay

Genetics expert, Dr Csaba Siffel (Center of Disease Control USA) says: This is a wonderful presentation. How do you witness to those who claim: there is a God of love, what about all the nasty diseases?

Did God really invent SARS, Malaria, Cholera, River blindness etc? Darwin and Attenborough claim disease caused them to reject a Creator God. Now you can show people the real history of disease - who and what is really to blame and the only long term solution. Life didn't evolve, so find out where the really nasty bugs did come from. A great tool to witness with and easy to share.

John Mackay is an international speaker and is the Australian Director of Creation Research. He has been lecturing on the subject of origins and doing field research worldwide for the last 30 years.

In March 2005 John debated the UK’s leading theistic evolutionist, Dr John Polkinghorne in a lively clash, hosted by popular BBC commentator Roger Phillips. The entire debate was professionally filmed and adds to the long list of John’s debates against leading evolutionists. During 2004, John was asked to debate 3 New Zealand professors at once. His opposition included Dr David Penny who had just been awarded NZ’s highest science prize in genetics. In the preceding 4 years, John debated such notable opponents as Cambridge geologist Dr Trevor Emmet at the Mumford Lecture Theatre Cambridge, Geology Professor Dr Tim Astin at Reading University and Harvard University Professor Chris Di Carlos at Guelph University, Canada. During January 1999 he was pitted against Dr Eugenie Scott, head of the National Center for Science in the USA.

At a Technical level John has addressed geologists at the Sydney Basin Coal Conference (1984) on the evidence for rapid coal formation and pursued this topic for a poster paper at the International Coal Conference (1985). In 1991, he addressed the Association of Geological and Earth Sciences at Oxford (UK) on the topic ‘The Evidence for Noah’s Flood’. In 1995 he gave a presentation on the same theme to the Tennessee Division of Geology, Tennessee (USA). In 1999 he presented a lecture to the Cambridge University Union (UK) on “The History of Brief Time” - the evidence the world did not evolve over millions of years. His science degree was obtained at the University of Queensland (Australia).

John Mackay was for many years a science teacher in both state and private secondary education systems in Queensland, Australia. He also lectured in Geology at Tertiary level for Technical Education and was instrumental in establishing Creation Research in Australia, and is currently the International Director of Creation Research. His many years in teaching have enabled him to communicate well to all ages.

He has lectured and done research in USA, UK, Europe, Canada, The Caribbean, New Zealand, Australia and Asia on the evidence for Creation and Noah’s Flood. Such experience has given him a practical breadth of knowledge of the overwhelming evidence against evolution. Most of John’s research has been captured on film - you can see it at his talks. Many of his presentations are available on DVD.

John has published many articles and appeared widely on radio, TV and public seminars, in universities, schools and churches throughout the western world. The CEVMA Film Festival 2004 in Hohe Rhön, Germany awarded their top Christian TV award to Creation Research programs. In 1992 John featured regularly in the No. 1 rated TV program “New Horizons” on Channel 7 (Australia) and on Channel 7’s top rating program “Jump Start” in 93/94. He has many times been guest lecturer on the “Origins” TV program which is widely broadcast in the USA. In 93/94 he produced and directed the highly acclaimed TV documentary “The Origin of the Races”, in 95/96 the “Real Roots” documentary, and in 96/97 “Jehovah’s Park” and “Dinosaurs the Rest of the Tail”. His latest Science and Bible DVD (2004), is a Christian’s rebuttal to evolutionist David Attenborough, titled “Did a Good God make Bad Bugs?”. His teaching programs currently appear on TBN and SKY networks in the UK and he has recently featured on the very popular worldwide radio program Science, Scripture and Salvation produced by Institute for Creation Research in California, USA.