Friday, February 28, 2014

#CreationDebate: Eric Hovind (#Christian) vs Bernie Dehler (#atheist) #Evidence & #Morality

On Thur. Nov. 15, 2011, Eric Hovind, President of Creation Today, (Christian, Young Earth Creationist) & Bernie Dehler (atheist, former evangelical Christian) held a debate at Portland State University, sponsored by one of the university's Christian groups. There were two main topics: evidence and morality.

The session on "evidence" dealt with questions about the "unknowns" in science, especially regarding origins. How did the universe begin to exist? How did biological life arise from non-life. If scientists can't answer these questions, does it logically follow that God did these things by miracle?

Regarding morality, Hovind presented the idea that morality seems to exist in the world as moral law, and asked "who created these laws, if not God? How could mindless nature create moral laws?" Dehler's take was that morality can largely be reasoned-out using the rubric of consequentialism, reciprocity, and consideration of individual freedom. Hovind wiped the floor with this guy.

Dehler had a hand-out for the audience, showing his main points and also giving links for further suggested research. Click here to see his handout.