Monday, March 3, 2014

What is Carbon Dating? - Mike Riddle

Part 1

In this first of two sessions on carbon-14, Mike answers 3 important questions:
• What is carbon-14? 
• Where does carbon-14 come from?
• How can carbon-14 be used to determine age?

Mike concludes by presenting powerful, observational evidence why carbon-14 demonstrates the earth is young and not billions of years old. As Christians we are called to guard the truth against all false teachings (1 Timothy 6:20). The evolutionists' teaching of billions of years is a false teaching and we should not compromise God's Word to be like the world.

Part 2

In session two on carbon-14, Mike discusses two important aspects about carbon-14.
1. How does the carbon-14 dating method work?
2. How reliable is the carbon-14 dating method?

Mike points out three things that must be known for carbon-14 dating to work.
1. How long does it take C-14 to decay?
2. What was the starting amount of C-14 in the creature when it died?
3. Are there any assumptions involved?

Question one poses no problem. Numbers two and three do present major problems for the carbon-14 dating method. Question three also challenges the reliability of reported dates.

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