Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Ica Burial Stones of Peru by Stan Lutz


The Ica Burial Stones of PeruThe Ica Burial Stones of Peru

by Stan Lutz

The Ica stones are a collection of over fifteen thousand carved stones discovered in the vicinity of Ica, Peru. The Ica stones display images ranging from dinosaurs to telescopes to open-heart surgery. The images on the stones were apparently created in pre-Columbian times and buried in a large number of tombs alongside Native American mummies. These stones were first written about by Spanish priests in 1575!

This video file is a 60 minute seminar by Stan Lutz that was recorded during the Seattle Creation Conference, October 2009.

About the Speaker:

Stan Lutz has been to Peru and seen many of the burial sites and stones of Ica. The stones indicate that ancient man knew what dinosaurs looked like. They show man had very high degrees of technology. Mr. Lutz has been to the Cabrera Museum in Ica, Peru where there are over 11,000 stones. He has flown over the Nazca Lines and photographed many of the features that show their relationship to the stones. He has been to many of the ruins and has seen firsthand the superior technology of the ancient Peruvians.