Friday, December 20, 2013

Battlecry for the Next Generation - Mike Riddle

Seminar by Mike Riddle.
First Baptist Church, Redmond, WA. July 2011

We apologize for the poor quality recording, but the content of the talk is very good. We will try to replace the recording in the future if possible.

Help safeguard your teens from being part of the 70% of our youth who walk away from the church after high school.

As we grow and equip the next generation of believers, we must remember, they will become the youth leaders, small group leaders, church planters, pastors, and Christian school teachers, who will, in turn, begin equipping the next generation. David Barton, founder and president of WallBuilders, a national pro-family organization that presents America's forgotten history and heroes, states the importance of equipping our youth.

"It [the Bible] is the story of history that God uses the younger generation to revive and restore a nation that has fallen away (David, Daniel, Samuel, etc.). Therefore, the enemy often works to destroy youth before they can fulfill that destiny (e.g. the eradication of children by Pharaoh or Herod to destroy Moses and Jesus). It is no surprise, then, that today's cultural terrorists have targeted youth for spiritual destruction (through music, entertainment, education, technology, etc.)."

Mike's talk "Battle Cry for the Next Generation" is a wake-up call for parents. It discusses America's biblical heritage, how we have abandoned that heritage, and how we can turn the situation around. In this seminar, Mike clearly lays out the situation, the mission, and the plan of execution. The goal of the seminar is to:

1) Inform Christians about the state of American education.
2) Provide a strategy, a direction to advance, and a solution.
3) Discuss how to support the vision of training and equipping the next generation.

"The Bible tells us there is no retirement in war! In war, the time is crucial, the cost is great, but the cause is worth it! Our nation is in grave danger. The battle wages for the hearts and minds of the next generation." Kay Arthur, Battle Cry For A Generation, 2005.

About the Speaker:
Mike Riddle is the president of Creation Training Initiative ( and currently travels around the country teaching and delivering seminars on the Biblical and scientific truths of creation. He is also an adjunct apologetics speaker for Answers in Genesis. He holds a degree in mathematics and a graduate degree in education and has been involved in creation ministry for more than thirty years. Prior to getting involved in creation ministry, Mike was a captain in the U.S. Marines and a national champion in track and field.

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