Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Evidence for the Global Flood of Noah - Ian Juby | Complete Creation, 2nd Ed., Part 3

Part 3: Evidence for the Global Flood of Noah
Taking off from the previous lectures, Ian expounds on the overwhelming evidence for a past global flood, and how it relates to the "greatest weapon" ever fashioned against the bible.  Almost all of the old-earth arguments disintegrate if there has been a global flood.
Run time 28:30

Ian Juby's Bio:

Ian Juby is the founder of Canada's first Creation Museum, the traveling Creation Science Museum of Canada. He is also the founder and president of the International Creation Science SIG for Mensa members, and a member of Mensa himself. In 2007 he took on the presidency of Citizens for Origins Research and Education, in Ottawa, Ontario.

He has spent 18 years studying the origins debate, and has spoken on the subject for 12 years, including multiple appearances on national and international television. A methodical researcher, he has traveled extensively across North America to gain first-hand insight into the evidence pertaining to Creation and Evolution, with a strong interest in geology and geomorphology. Now in full-time Creation ministry, he spends much of his year devoted to sharing the Creation message and carrying on his first-hand research with experiments and field studies. He also consults for Creation Museums and builds museum displays, which can now be seen in seven museums across North America.