Thursday, January 3, 2013

Creation Astronomy - Chris Ashcraft

Part 1

by Chris Ashcraft M.S., M.Ed., MTMS.

Chris W. AshcraftThis 2-part seminar by Chris Ashcraft was recorded at a meeting of the Creation Association of Puget Sound on June 9th &11th 2006. 
This presentation was designed to provide a general overview of creation astronomy / cosmology, and highlights important players and resources for future study.

The first half of the seminar takes a look at the purpose of the celestial bodies, and provides the Biblical foundation and physical proof for a young universe. The second half analyzes Big Bang cosmology and presents evidence which argues against this ideology, and shows how the data instead supports a creation cosmology. It is asserted that the Big Bang is inconsistent with the Biblical creation, and the Earth occupies a special place at the center of the cosmos.

Topics Include:
  • Design and Purpose
    Cosmos – When, Why, & How?
    Anthropic Principle
  • Evidence of young age
    Recession of the moon
    Age of the sun
    Supernova remnants
  • Creation Cosmology vs. Big Bang
    Origin of Stars
    Origin of Planets
    Origin of Galaxies
    Redshift and Cosmology
    Resolving Distant Starlight
  • Concluding Comments

Part 2

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