Friday, March 9, 2012

Worldwide Evidence of a Worldwide Flood with Ark Hunter Jeremy Wiles - Creation Today

Creation Today 9/8/11 | Was there really a worldwide flood? Ark Hunter, Jeremy Wiles, joins Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor to discuss fascinating stories gathered from around the world while on a journey to find evidence of Noah's Ark. Check out the Ark Hunter movie!

Every journey begins somewhere. With Jeremy it was his childhood obsession with Noah’s Ark that would force him into the greatest adventure of his life.

Unlike anyone else, he wanted to know: Was the story of Noah’s Ark true, or was it merely a myth? His curiosity would get him in trouble, but nothing could stifle his passion. He dreamed of finding the Ark someday.  With the help of an old Watchmaker who recurrently appears to him in his dreams, Jeremy is encouraged to keep “asking, seeking and knocking”.

At age 24, Jeremy begins his quest to find the Ark. With no money, his hat and backpack he walks out of his comfortable life in the country and into the great big world, in search for the truth.
Jeremy’s epic journey takes him around the world, from perilous Mt. Ararat in Turkey; military archives in Russia; to the 1500 year-old Nuwa Temple in China. He lives with a savage jungle tribe in the Philippines and the ancient Hmong tribe in China, where he gets first-hand account of their flood stories. He also meets intriguing characters who impart to him life’s greatest lessons.
The road is paved with predicaments and unforeseen dangers. As he gets closer to his goal, Jeremy becomes increasingly aware of his hidden fears. In the meantime, he must also face the most ardent enemies of truth.

Jeremy realizes that there is more to discover in his journey than he had expected and there are people whose fate will be affected by the answers he finds. After years of searching, Jeremy must face the question he has been avoiding: What will he do with the truth once he finds it? Separated by time and space, Jeremy realizes his fate is intertwined with Noah’s. Time is ticking and Jeremy must decide if he will heed the call.

Ark Hunter is a film inspired by the true story of Jeremy Wiles’ quest for Noah’s Ark. In a time when relativism rules Ark Hunter begs the question: How far will you go to find the truth?

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