Sunday, March 18, 2012

Monkey Business - The Search For Man's Ancestor - Bruce Malone

What are those ape-like creatures we see in museums and textbooks? From movies to National Geographic Magazine, hardly a month passes without inference to our "apeish" ancestery. This lecture covers the elusive search for our ancestors - from the controversy surrounding Darwin's claims to the increasing emphasis given to apemen by the popular media. By viewing the actual evidence, the contrast between naturalism and biblical truth comes into clear focus. 

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Bruce Malone
Bruce Malone gave his life to Christ over 20 years ago, as the Lord miraculously preserved him through a close call with death. Since that time Bruce has looked for a deeper purpose in life and realized that rejection of Biblical truth, justified by belief in evolution, is the acid which is eating away at the moral foundation of our culture.
Bruce spent 27 years working as a research leader for the Dow Chemical Corporation, has a degree chemical engineering, and is responsible for key innovations which have resulted in 18 patents. But his passion is sharing the relevance and evidence for creation, so he retired early to become full time Director of Search for the Truth Ministries. Bruce has spoken extensively at Colleges and Charities on four continents.
Bruce brings science alive through stories and demonstrations, showing that Biblical creation is the most rational explanation for the world around us. The purpose of both his books and lectures is to help the non-scientific layman understand the importance of creation while motivating and equipping them to share these truths.
Bruce resides in Midland, MI with his wife Robin, and they have four children who are all actively serving the Lord.Click here to contact Bruce to arrange a speaking engagement at your church or organization.