Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dinosaurs, They Don't Come With Directions - Tommy Lohman

Part 1

presented at Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship Nov 11, 2011 by Tommy Lohman of Creation
Connection Ministries

Part 2

From a very early age, Tommy's fascination with dinosaurs was strong, but the unseen indoctrination attached to dinosaurs distorted his understanding of the early chapters of Genesis. Constant "old earth evolution" and silence from the church continued to cloud his understanding and caused him to doubt Genesis as a literal account of the early history of the world.

 Being raised in church did not insulate him from these anti-God, anti-gospel influences. In 1993, he recon-nected with his childhood fascination with dinosaurs. After watching Steven Spielburg's movie "Jurassic Park," he began to sense that previously held beliefs about Genesis, dinosaurs and the age of the earth were not properly rooted. God then led him to a diligent study of the Bible, starting with Genesis 1-11.

Dr. Henry Morris' book, "The Beginning of the World," and the creationist ministry "Answers in Genesis" revealed truths about the beginning of the world and dinosaurs Tommy had never considered before. The past 18 years of his life have been dedicated to the study of creation by starting with a literal approach to history in Genesis.

Creation Connection Ministries was founded on a simple desire to "connect the dots" about the truth of the beginning of the world by using the Bible, beginning with Genesis, as a foundation for a sound, Biblical worldview. In 2008, God stirred his soul and showed him that creation apologetics simply for information's sake was insufficient; there was a deeper need for sound creation teaching in the defense of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a result, it is his heart's desire to bring all presentations, conversations and writings about creation apologetics back to the heart of the matter: the foot of the cross.