Monday, August 8, 2011

The Evidence Cries Out for Creation - Bill Browning

Presented at Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship (RMCF) April 13th, 2007

Part 1

Bill was educated at SMU where he earned a Master of Science degree in Engineering, followed by post-graduate work at UCLA at the Engineering Executive Program. He retired from the Hughes Aircraft Company after a 31-year career in space technology, and attended the ICR Graduate School in El Cajon, California, with 13 hours of graduate courses in geology, astronomy, paleontology, and advanced concepts in creationism. He is a member of the Creation Research Society, and he conducts workshops for Christian schools and home schoolers, at Christian camps, and at various speaking engagements around the Rocky Mountain area.

Part 2

Bill also served as Co-Chairman for the Case for Creation Conference presented by the Institute for Creation Research at Calvary Temple and Colorado Community Church (held in Denver in October 2000). Bill also chaired the committee that hosted the ICR RATE Conference in September, 2007 which inaugurated the first observance of Creation Weekend at the time of the Jewish New Year. He has served as Guest Seminar Speaker for the Alpha Omega Institute in Grand Junction, Colorado, and has participated with them in Vacation Bible Schools in Colorado and Kansas.

Part 3

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