Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Creation, Evolution, and the Genesis of the Christian Home School Movement in America - Kevin Swanson

Part 1

Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship (RMCF) was delighted to have as their speaker, Kevin Swanson of the Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC), where RMCF operates a booth during their annual conference in June each year.

Mr. Swanson's Topic will be "Creation, Evolution, and the Genesis of the Christian Home School Movement in America."

Kevin Swanson was himself home schooled at the beginning of the movement in the 1960's, graduating from his home school in 1981. His father joined the Institute for Creation Research in the early 1960's, and chose home schooling as a means of inculcating a biblical worldview in his children. Now, Kevin continues his father's legacy as a leader in the present-day home education movement in America.

Part 2

Mr. Swanson has a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked in engineering and corporate management for ten years prior to joining Christian Home Educators of Colorado as the Executive Director in the late 1990's, where he served in that capacity until August 2009. He now serves as a director of CHEC and hosts a daily radio program called "Generations with Vision." You can listen to all his shows at GenerationsWithVision.com or KevinSwanson.com.

"The vision of the program is to present life from the perspective of a biblical worldview and within the framework of a relational model of living. Worldview and relationships. There are no professionals on this program. There are no psychiatrists, professional counsellors, bureaucrats, and seminary professors. But you will find fathers, mothers, grandparents, pastors, and friends. We are introducing modern life to a different social context. We also assume the existence of God and the foolishness of human thought without the benefit of transcendent truth.

The Christian philosopher of the 1960s, Francis Schaeffer, is a major impetus behind our work. His work of 50 years is summarized in this simple statement - modern man is lost and lonely. We are working to provide a solution for both problems. Transcendent truth in the context of relationship."

Mr. Swanson is also the Pastor of Reformation Church in Castle Rock, CO. He has authored numerous books including, "The Second Mayflower", "Upgrade, the Ten Secrets for the Best Education for your Child," "Psalms Study Guide," "Proverbs Study Guide," and "Genesis: A Family Bible Study Guide." See the Generations with Vision store to get them.

Visit Mr. Swanson's "Generations with Vision" Youtube channel.

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