Friday, April 12, 2013

The Record of the Rocks and the Geologic Column | Dr. Don Patton | Evolutionists tell us that the gradual development of life has been recorded in the record of the rocks, illustrated in textbooks by the geologic column. It is seldom revealed that this column is actually a mental abstraction constructed with evolutionary assumptions. The complete column is found only in the textbooks, nowhere on the face of the earth. The column does illustrate evolutionary predictions and thus provides a means of testing the evolutionary model. Leading evolutionists acknowledge that finding a contradictory sequence would falsify evolution.

Dr. Patton demonstrates that this has been done again and again: skeletons of modern men, fossilized human footprints and human artifacts in the same layer with dinosaurs; Native American petroglyphs of dinosaurs; Peruvian and Mexican dinosaur artifacts. This is crucial, exciting evidence that you should see for yourself.

The Record Of The Rocks
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(Failure Of Geological Column & Alternate Explanation)
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