Monday, April 8, 2013

Scientific Age of the Young Earth - Dr. Don Patton | The media assert that the earth is billions of years old with such incessant regularity that any disagreement seems completely out of step. They fail to report that there are thousands of scientists with graduate degrees in the natural sciences, who have been convinced by the scientific evidence that the earth is thousands of years old, not billions. Of course, there are tremendous implications to the relatively recent idea of an earth billions of years old. Many are convinced the conclusion has been driven by philosophical forces, not scientific. The two reasons most often given for the idea that the earth is very old are radiometric dating and various geological processes. Dr. Patton will expose the unscientific procedures and the unreasonable assumptions inherent in radiometric dating. He will discuss the geologic phenomenon typically assumed to take great periods of time: formation of rocks, layers, fossils, petrifaction, etc. See for yourself that the best scientific explanation of these supposedly slow processes is that they formed rapidly.

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