Monday, March 18, 2013

Understanding the Law of Decay - Dr. Carl Wieland | 2012 Creation Super Conference

Understanding the Law of Decay (the Second Law of Thermodynamics)

Creationists and evolutionists alike often misunderstand and misrepresent the Law of Entropy (the Second Law of Thermodynamics, or 2LT)—even those whose qualifications indicate they ought to know better. This is so widespread that CMI has long advised folk to consider avoiding it in favour of the Information argument (which is a subset of the 2LT issue, really). Better still, says this speaker, is to have as many folk as possible really, fully understand the 2LT and the principles which lead to it. And it is possible for the average reasonably intelligent layperson to grasp this, he says, in a way that bypasses the fog of equations. These tend to mystify most laypeople, but through the speaker’s use of many everyday and easily understood examples one can grasp the 2LT at a deep, intuitive level with just the barest minimum of equation symbols, without sacrificing accuracy in any way. In the process, it adds some powerful weaponry to the creationist armamentarium.