Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Apemen - 'Missing Links' & the Bible - Philip Bell

Ideas and views in science are always shifting, but the ones that stand firm are those that uncannily tie up with what the Bible says.

 Many dictionaries class them as fictitious, but Philip Bell states that 'hobbits' (or half-size humans) were real and are confirmed in the fossil record.
 But what were these small beings -- human or primate?

 Philip Bell digs deep into evolutionist assertions, asking for the scientific evidence that is said to support ape ancestry. In this programme, some evolutionists themselves admit to stretched truths behind widely accepted models of ape to man progression.

Philip Bell

Philip is a scientist and educator who lives and works in the United Kingdom. He studied biology and geology at the University of Wales (Swansea), graduating in zoology in 1989. For nine years he worked at a cancer research unit in chemosensitivity testing. During the 1990s, he was also a member of the Postgraduate School of Medicine, Bath University and (co-)authored a number of papers in secular medical journals (see longer bio for details).

Philip became a secondary school science teacher in the late 1990s, but has worked full time in Creation ministry since 2001, speaking on Bible/science topics in churches, schools and universities. Since January 2007, he has been CEO of Creation Ministries International (UK/Europe) and is a contributor to Creation magazine, the Journal of Creation and CMI’s website.

Image Philip trusted in Christ as a child and was raised in a strong Christian home to believe the Bible from the very first verse, but compromised with secular beliefs about origins in his late teens. During the course of his later, graduate studies he rejected evolution/millions of years on both scientific and biblical grounds. He came again to see the Bible as God's completely trustworthy, infallible Word on scientific and historical matters—not just matters of Christian faith and conduct. Philip is married with five children—two grown up and three home-schooled—and is a strong advocate of Christian education.


  • BSc(Hons) zoology; PGCE; CBiol MSB

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