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What is the Most Compelling Evidence for Creation? - Creation Today with guest Russ Miller

Creation Today | Paul Taylor and Eric Hovind reveal the silver bullet—the best evidence—for a young earth creation. They are also joined by special guest Russ Miller of Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries to discuss the clues that the Grand Canyon provides.












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Russ states, “I’m a General Manager and I make logical decisions based on the facts. After I saw that science doesn't support Darwinism or old-earth beliefs I realized these false teachings are undermining the world’s faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, I am doing something about it."
Russ has developed CESM’s: website (www.CreationMinistries.Org); 14 PowerPoint seminars; DVD Series & Study Guide; Grand Canyon & Grand Staircase Tours; radio programs and more. He has presented thousands of church messages and seminars, spoken on college campuses, at national conferences and appeared on worldwide Christian television programs. Russ has also aired thousands of radio programs and CESM DVDs are challenging people worldwide to believe the Bible—Word for Word and cover to cover.
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Russ adds, "We don't tell people what to think; rather, we present the facts from science and the Bible, then through The Holy Spirit, those with ears to hear will hear, and those with eyes to see will see."


How CESM Started 

Though raised in a Christian home, Russ strayed from God during his college years where he was an all-division baseball player. As Russ puts it, "I was on my road to Damascus when, at the age of 30, I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to return to Him." Russ started attending church and grow as a Believer. Ten years passed as Russ grew in his faith and became a church Trustee, though believing that God had used evolution and millions of years to develop His creation. During this time, he also spent 18 years developing a nationwide management recruiting firm. Then, during the summer of 1998 an event took place that would forever change the fortunes of the Miller family. Russ and his wife, Joanna, obtained video tapes of several Creation speakers.

Russ:"When I saw the overwhelming facts which destroy Darwinism and 'millions of years' beliefs, combined with the facts which support the biblical accounts of creation and the global flood, I realized that I, and billions of others, had been fooled."

Russ began intently studying the Creation-evolution issue, obtaining knowledge from Creation speakers, scientists and even the die-hard Darwinian faithful.

He felt God's calling to do something more important than making money and in December of 2000, Russ gave away his business to a valuable co-worker and began Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries.

Russ's motto is: "You don't have to believe anything I tell you. All I ask is that you look at what I show and weigh it against anything that has you believing in anything other than what the Bible says." For anyone who does so, it is, as Russ says, a "no brainer."

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MissionOur mission is to confirm Biblical Truth and expose mis-interpretations of God’s creation in order to exalt Jesus Christ as our Creator, Judge and redeeming Savior.

 CESM asks that everyone be presented with the facts, both pros and cons, for both evolution and Creation. We believe that if a person is allowed to weigh all of the evidence the decision to be made will be obvious.

Statement of Faith 

The Biblical God created the heavens, earth, seas and all that in them is during a literal six day time span roughly 6,000 years ago. The original Creation was "very good" until Adam's ORIGINAL SIN let death enter the world. This ORIGINAL SIN separated mankind from God and required a blood sacrifice (eventually Jesus) so man could be redeemed with God. Due to man's sinfulness, God destroyed His Creation via a global flood about 4,400 years ago, sparing Noah and his immediate family. Then, due to mankind's continuing sin, God sent His only begotten Son to suffer and die on a cross - the perfect, sinless, blood sacrifice to cover the sinfulness of all mankind. Anyone who believes in the Biblical Jesus' death, burial, resurrection and ascension to heaven and calls on Him as their Lord and Savior will be forgiven their sins and will spend eternity with Jesus Christ in heaven. Salvation can not be earned but is provided by the grace of God. Jesus will return to reclaim His creation at the time of His final judgment, sparing only those who have called on Him as their Lord. The Bible, both Old and New Testaments as originally given, are the inspired, divine Word of God and are free from error in all matters, including moral, ethical, theological, scientific and historical. God is eternal, omnipotent and triune in character as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Satan is a deceiver and accuser who will spend eternity in hell where there will be "wailing and gnashing of teeth" for Satan and all those who choose to reject redemption through Jesus.