Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Devastation of Evolution - Chirality (Evolution is a "Catastrophic Failure")

Read Charles McCombs, Ph.D. detailed article, Evolution Hopes You Don't Know Chemistry: The Problem with Chirality

This video and the article show the absolute impossibility that life could have arose from non-life. The video also shows how the Miller/Urey experiment, which created life from non-life in the lab according to the media, was a failure.

Dr. Charles McCombs, Ph.D. is a chemist and a Christian apologist. He holds two degrees: A Ph.D. in organic chemistry from UCLA, and a B.S. in chemistry from CSULB. Dr. McCombs uses his passion for chemistry to educate others, show proof that God created everything, and to further the kingdom of God.


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Evolution Hopes You Don't Know Chemistry: The Problem of Control by Charles McCombs, Ph.D., Acts & Facts Aug 1, 2004
Cyanide -- An Ingredient for Life? by Charles McCombs, Ph.D. and Brian Thomas, M.S., Acts & Facts Nov 30, 2009

Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, University of California in Los Angeles: Westwood, CA, 1978.
B.S. in Chemistry, California State University in Long Beach: Long Beach, CA. Nominated for Phi Beta Kappa; 1973

Work History
1978-1998: Principal Research Chemist, Eastman Chemical Company; Kingsport, Tennessee
1998-2008: Teacher at West Charlotte Christian Academy
2008-2010: Associate Professor of Chemistry, Institute for Creation Research
2008-2010: Assistant Director, National Creation Science Foundation

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