Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Creation / Evolution Debate 03 - Dr. Hovind & Shultz vs Dr. Prewitt & Power

Genesis: History or Myth?
Kent Hovind and Mike Schultz (creationists) take on Terry Prewitt and Nick Power (evolutionists).

In this standing room only debate, over 400 listened as Dr. Hovind of Creation Science Evangelism defended Genesis as being historically and scientifically accurate. Anthropology professor and Genesis scholar of the University of West Florida, Dr. Terry Prewitt, presents Genesis as a myth written for political gain by Hebrew priests.

Nicholas Power is an Assistant Professor of Philosopy at the University of West Florida.
Mike Schultz was the Director of Proving the Bible Ministries.

Hovind's videotaped debates are available to watch online on Youtube
DVDs of the debates are available at Dr. Hovind's website