Friday, May 23, 2014

Latest Carbon 14 Results Prove Dinosaur Bones are Not Millions of Years Old!

Latest carbon-14 results prove dinosaur bones are not millions of years old.
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"Vance Nelson's coffee table book Flood Fossils, in his Untold Secrets of Planet Earth series, is a truly amazing book that for the first time documents Noah's Flood through stunning photographic fossil evidence from around the world. His 237 evidence photos will not only amaze you, but soundly refutes fossilization theories held by many scientists and evolutionists." Product Image
—David W. Balsiger, Author / TV Documentary Producer
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Untold Secrets of Planet Earth: Flood Fossils
This is the new companion to the Dire Dragons dinosaur book in the same series. A superb layout and stunning images combine with a fascinating subject to show how the evolutionary explanation of fossils is not sustainable. The book covers evidence of fast fossil formation, the preservation of soft tissues within fossils, plastic deformation of sedimentary strata and the large bones they sometimes contain, and groundbreaking laboratory results from the carbon dating of dinosaur bones. Also included is a long section on Noah’s Ark, the way the Bible describes it, and possible modern sightings of it on Mt. Ararat.
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Untold Secrets of Planet Earth: Dire Dragons
In the evolutionary ‘Age of Dinosaurs’, man and dinosaurs did not coexist and were separated by millions of years. But if dinosaurs and humans were both created on Day 6, they clearly coexisted, and there should be evidence of that. Using hundreds of incredible photographs from around the world, Dire Dragons provides stunning evidence that the ancients saw dinosaurs and depicted them, calling them ‘dragons’. One of the best books on the subject ever produced.
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