Monday, November 26, 2012

The Descent of Darwin - Pastor Joe Boot - Creation Super Conference 2011

See Joe Boot's article on this topic on page 9 at or down below.

Darwin was a product of his time, nurturing, at best, a deistic conception of God and a naturalistic view of mechanical

laws operating on the world. Second, he presented what we might call an evolution theodicy, which distanced a Creator from natural evil. Darwin, consequently, accelerated a movement rather than starting one. God is simultaneously absolved and made irrelevant by being reduced to a cause of causes or first cause, remote, unknowable, a God who has not spoken nor revealed Himself.

This self-regulating universe operating in terms of impersonal laws in a chain of being was a revival of Gnosticism. God's work and His words are separate; the moral and the physical are completely independent -- alien to one another. Thus religion and "science" are to be kept separate: the evolutionary worldview deals with the problems of moral and natural evil by having God appear and disappear as required.

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