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Radiometric Dating Methods Don't Work - Ian Juby

Dating methods: CrEvo Rant #100 with Wazooloo

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In this rant, Ian Juby addresses a reader request for a rant on dating methods. Ian shows the bankruptcy of the methods and how they fail every test ever presented to them.

People asked for references, so here's some references:

Debate with Dr. Koerner, 2009 on
(July 31st thru Aug 14th)

Austin, Uinkaret lavas:
Impact article:
Creationwiki also has more details here:

Mt. St. Helens lava dome:

Dating of skull 1470, described in detail in Lubenow's book "Bones of contention", and covered in part 21 of "Complete Creation":

Dating of the "Mars rock":

Dating calibration:
Ummm....what else would they calibrate the dating methods with?
This "calibration" is going on even today! See above - Skull 1470, Mars Rock, and other examples too numerous to mention - entire books have been written on the subject for crying out loud! Like Woodmorappe's "The mythology of modern dating methods" Half the point of the rant is showing the "calibration" of the dating methods (read: rejecting dates that don't line up with assumed evolutionary ages - that's calibration!)

8 million year old T-rex: "Mining for mammoths in the badlands", New York
Times, December 3, 1905

30 million year old T-rex (and others): "30,000,000 years ago," New York
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Dinosaurs stated 150 million years ago: "When Life Began," Russell Owen,
New York Times, February 9, 1941