Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Atheism / Theism Debate - Steve Gregg vs William Ramsey

In favor of Theism: Steve Gregg founder of the Great Commission School, author, Bible teacher for over 40 years and radio host of The Narrow Path, which is broadcast live Monday through Friday. See TheNarrowPath.com. He has hundreds of free Verse by Verse and Topical MP3 teachings at his website. Steve has also had a radio show called The Road to Find Out specifically to reach out and answer questions of atheists and believers in religions other than Christianity.

In favor of Atheism: William Ramsey, Associate Professor: Philosophy of mind, Cognitive Science, Philosophy of science., Dr. Ramsey was awarded his Ph.D. from the University of California. San Diego . His areas of interest are Philosophy of cognitive science, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of science often rated among the best teachers at the University of Notre Dame during his 18 year tenure there, Ramsey won the Thomas P. Madden Award for outstanding teaching of freshmen 1999. He was also awarded the College of Arts and Letters Sheedy Award for excellence in teaching in 2005. He became part of the UNLV faculty in 2007.

This debate was held at Green Valley Evangelical Lutheran Church in Green Valley, NV on October 3, 2009