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Beginnings Session 6 - The Truth - Eric Hovind

Session 6 - The Truth
Creation Today

  • the amazing things hes done and i love that this gave me a place to start. so thank you very, very much eric for everything. i really hope that the youth finds a way and realizes that they need to believe and turn around from the way they live and live it right through the words of God like i am doing right now. i really wish this wasnt the last session though haha i love these videos.
  • These series we're thouroughly information and i'd really like to thank Eric. Because of him i have learned a lot and most importantly i've learned that i still have time to repent and trust in God. I'd like to let you know that i will not be part of the 75% that will lose faith in christianity by my first year of college. i will always have faith. a couple days ago i went to Bible study with my grandma and ever since i wanted to get close to God and read my bible and learn and know about all
  • This video is a blessing! :) God is awesome! :D

Something To Think About

Some things are self-evidently true. They are axiomatic. You cannot have a painting without a painter, and you cannot have a creation without a Creator. Atheistic Evolutionists have to deny logic itself in order to argue against such obvious truth. Furthermore, they are approaching the truth from the wrong perspective, thus limiting their accuracy.

What To Watch For

Either there is a God or there isn't -- and both possibilities are frightening. In this last lesson, notice how your worldview affects your perception of truth. Those who embrace the atheistic, Evolutionary worldview approach truth totally backwards, while only a Christian, basing his perception of truth on God's Word, can approach truth from the proper perspective. With this in mind, pay special attention to the natural reaction to the vastness of the universe -- God is glorified as was originally intended! In the beginning of this series, we addressed the four basic questions of life. In this lesson, watch as each question brings purpose and meaning to life when answered through the Biblical worldview, glorifying God's plan and greatness. Absolute truth can only be known through the proper understanding of God's Word, and in the end, notice how this always brings God glory. Truth magnifies God through the correct interpretation of His creation. Having clarified our worldviews, we then notice that this leaves us feeling small and inferior to God's vast perfection. No one with the creation worldview, which magnifies God, can think highly of himself. The ultimate conclusion is that we have offended an amazing God with our sin; it is His authority which is supreme. Watch as this conclusion then leads us to the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Discussion Questions

1. Can science give us absolute truth? Why or why not?

Science is inductive and therefore cannot give us absolute truth. It can only make educated guesses based on circumstantial evidence and clues, but it can never give absolute certainty. The Bible, however, provides the complete story, giving us the key to sorting out the clues.

2. How should the vastness of the creation affect us?

It should show us how small we are, and how big and amazing God is, thus leading us to glorify and serve Him.

3. If God made this world, He is the Ruler and Judge of all the earth. What is the only way we can be reconciled to Him, after having been found guilty of breaking His law?

Repentance and trust in Christ are required for salvation. We have sinned against God and only after we turn from our sin and put our full faith in Christ for our salvation will we be born again.


If Evolutionism is true, then nothing matters, and there is no purpose to life. Evolutionism is not true -- God created this vast universe, and it is His will that counts! We should be mindful of the awesome creation in order to keep a proper perspective on who God is and how we can obtain absolute truth through His Word. Using the creation worldview, we should take this truth to the lost and share with them how they can be saved from their sin and reconciled to God. Creationism is important for Christians to study, but it is pointless if it does not lead to its intended goal -- bringing glory and honor to the Creator. God has given us absolute truth in His Word, and we should share this truth with everyone. Always use the evidence of creation for evangelism. God made all things for His glory, and once we have come to the truth of creation, we should proclaim it to the world, winning souls for the Savior and connecting the lost with their Creator.


Use the evidences of creation taught in this course to win the lost in your life. Share the valuable information presented in this course with your acquaintances, helping to shape their worldview to the creation perspective. Let this knowledge of the Creator lead them to the realization of their sinful state before God and of their need to repent and trust in Christ.

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