Monday, October 3, 2011

Foundations For A Biblical Worldview - Dr. G. Thomas Sharp

This adult level course establishes the foundations for a Biblical worldview over the progression of four 50-minute lessons.

Hosted by Dr. G. Thomas Sharp

Including interviews with the following noted theologians and scholars -

Pastor Chuck Smith
Roger Oakland
Paul Vitz
John Morris
Randall Price
Ian Taylor
John Eidsmoe

Foundations For Biblical Worldview hosted by G. Thomas Sharp, Ph.D. What is Worldview?, The impact of this virtually unknown facet of human life is critical in understanding how we live our lives. Quite simply, worldview is the filter by which we process all incoming information, and dictates how we will respond to that information. A Biblical worldview, gained through Biblical literacy, is the foundation for successful Christian living, and an increasing ignorance of the Holy Scriptures has become the bane of true Biblical Christianity. About the Series This adult-level course establishes the foundations for a Biblical worldview over the progression of four DVD lessons. The student will discover what a worldview is, how it works in our daily lives, and why the Bible must be the source of our worldview.

Series Contains
• DVD Video featuring four 50-minute video sessions with G. Thomas Sharp and interviews with noted theologians and scholars.
• Group Discussion Guide with discussion topics, sidebar information, Bible references and relevant quotes.

“Students of the history of ideas should not look for those ideas which are under constant discussion in any age, but instead should look for those basic assumptions which are so fundamental to a man’s way of thinking that he does not even realize he is assuming them.” –– Alfred North Whitehead

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Episodes Include:

• Episode 1 An Introduction to Worldview
Lesson 1 Study Guide

• Episode 2 Knowledge: The Foundation of Worldview
Lesson 2 Study Guide

• Episode 3 The Pursuit of Truth
Lesson 3 Study Guide

• Episode 4 The Impact of Evolutionism on American Christians
Lesson 4 Study Guide