Thursday, September 8, 2011

Evolution is Impossible (The Movie)

Uploaded by biblicaldoctrine on Aug 21, 2011

Finally! Empirical PROOF that EVOLUTION is IMPOSSIBLE. Based on hard evidence from the earth's strata, the author (DoctorDoctrineproves beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no time allowed for evolution to take place on earth. This movie is about 28 minutes in length. Please share this link with all your friends and post it on all web pages related to creation or evolution.

Please visit the FACEBOOK page Evolution is Impossible to discuss this video. Make sure you watch it to the end first. This video/movie is complete with symphonic music from the Grand Canyon Suite (royalty free so you may hear a cough, lol) and some voice narration, pictures (some lifted from the internet without permission but the citation of the source is given on the actual official PowerPoint in the notes along with all peer reviewed references).

As I was saying, this is a 28 minute windows media player (wmv file) that has been made out of a 150 slide PowerPoint presentation (when I started my PhD in Education) and has lots of home made animations and wonderful photography (mostly mine) of the Grand Canyon, AZ. It proves Evolution is Impossible!

There are around 10 empirical proofs presented from the earth's strata that guarantee that Evolution is Impossible.

Please adjust volume when you start it. Pause it if you need some more time to digest information on any slide! You can even replay parts of it. It does contain an evolutionary explanation video embedded in the presentation about half way through. There is also a section that is entitled 'DREAM' where you will see the evolutionary perspective. Again, PLEASE watch it all the way through and pay special attention to sounds like the earthquake sound when the "Grand Dam" breaks and ... well you'll see. After you watch it, please PLEASE let me know you impression, good or bad. Just don't mock ME, you can mock the movie I guess but remember this started out as a very BORING research paper (which is still in the notes section of the original PowerPoint) and was carefully put into an interesting presentation one slide at a time with photographs and special slide timing to match the symphony. By the way, remember that this is the Grand Canyon Suite and is supposed to be a "musical painting" of the actual Grand Canyon, so keep that in mind as you listen (hey, just listening to the music should be entertainment enough for you so don't knock it, ok?). Anyway, enjoy and learn something! Again, watch it ALL THE WAY TO THE END. Oh, and don't forget to give me feedback at . God Bless you (even if you're an atheist) for watching. Enjoy your special mini vacation to the GRAND CANYON.