Monday, July 18, 2011

Big Problems with the Big Bang - Dr. Jason Lisle

Looks at the Big Bang and the Bible under the following headings:
Secular compromises
Scientific problems with the big bang
Missing monopoles
The flatness problem
Inflating the complexities
Where is the antimatter?
Missing Population III stars
The collapse of the big bang

Learn more about Dr. Lisle at his Answers in Genesis webpage.

Dr. Jason Lisle graduated summa cum laude from Ohio Wesleyan University, where he double-majored in physics and astronomy and minored in mathematics. He did graduate work at the University of Colorado where he earned a master's degree and a PhD in astrophysics.

While there, Dr Lisle used the SOHO spacecraft to investigate motions on the surface of the sun as well as solar magnetism and subsurface weather. His thesis was entitled "Probing the Dynamics of Solar Supergranulation and its Interaction with Magnetism." Among other things, Dr. Lisle discovered a previously unknown polar alignment of supergranules (solar convection cells) and discovered evidence of solar giant cells. He has also authored a number of papers in both secular and creation literature.
In graduate school, Dr. Lisle developed a passion to share the message that God's Word is true from the very first verse. He began giving talks encouraging people to trust in the Bible and not compromise with the secular ideas of millions of years of evolution.

Dr. Lisle joined the staff of Answers in Genesis in 2004 and is now helping AiG (and the creation movement as a whole) refute the evolutionary account of origins using his strong science background. He has designed several exciting planetarium programs for the Stargazer's Room at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky (near Cincinnati, Ohio). Among these programs is the very popular Created Cosmos—an examination of the amazing size of God's universe.

Dr. Lisle has always had a keen interest in science and enjoys reading books on a wide range of scientific topics. Astronomy and physics have been areas of special interest. One of his favorite hobbies is viewing the beautiful night sky through a telescope. His areas of interest in creation studies are in developing models of cosmology and stellar aging. Creationist thinking in these areas is still very preliminary.

Dr. Lisle has authored a number of books and articles. His books include Taking Back Astronomy, The Ultimate Proof of Creation, and Old-Earth Creationism on Trial, co-authored with Tim Chaffey. He is also a contributing author for The New Answers Books volumes 1 and 2. In addition to many articles in Answers magazine, Dr. Lisle's online articles include the Logical Fallacy Series, Contradictions: Introduction, Evolution: The Anti-Science, Atheism: An Irrational Worldview, and many others, including our popular web feedbacks.

Dr. Lisle is an excellent and broad-ranging communicator, able to articulate challenging concepts in easy-to-understand terms. In addition to in-depth presentations on distant starlight, Einstein's relativity, and problems with the big bang, Dr. Lisle also has a number of captivating, well-illustrated, layman-level presentations, covering a range of topics from astronomy and general science to apologetics and dinosaurs.