Friday, May 20, 2011

Demolishing Strongholds : Evolution in Pop Culture - Carl Kerby


Part 2

Teach your teens that the Bible is true!

Today's youth are frustrated by "cookie cutter" teaching at youth group meetings and Sunday school. They want to have fun (who doesn't!) but they also want to be ready when challenged to take a stand for their faith. They want answers to the potentially embarrassing questions about Christianity that come up in classes AND in the hallway throughout the day. (How many times does a youth group have to discuss dating and drugs, anyway?)

Inspire your students to go to the next level in their Christian walk and challenge them to live out their faith with this totally comprehensive new 13-session DVD-based study.

Shot live before 300 teens and embellished with cutting-edge comic book style animation, Demolishing Strongholds features four highly engaging speakers: Ken Ham, Bill Jack, Charles Ware, and Carl Kerby. Each will prepare your students to stand firm on the authority of God’s Word, and each will equip and challenge them to activate their faith!

This complete discipleship study series includes twelve 30-minute DVD programs, bonus content, a 112-page illustrated leader’s guide, a sample 80-page student workbook (with generous photocopying rights), an integrated Bible study designed to be discussed by the group, and a multi-resource CD-ROM (includes a PowerPoint presentation for each lesson, lesson handouts and optional activities, and a 1-minute promo video). The 13th session is a “man on the street” feature with Bill Jack as he demonstrates how to use key questions to reveal the shortcomings of someone’s worldview and then share the gospel with them. This final session is the final application stage of the curriculum, where students can see it in action. Teens absolutely love it!

Demolishing Strongholds’ strategic topics include developing a biblical worldview, tips on how to engage and reach friends for Christ, confidence boosting ideas on how to confront our evolutionized culture, examples of “cultural brainwashing,” and an inspiring challenge on how to be God’s players in the game called life.

13 teaching sessions.
Demolishing Strongholds lesson titles
■Session 1: War of the Worldviews - Part 1 (Ken Ham, 19 min.)
■Session 2: War of the Worldviews - Part 2 (Ken Ham, 24 min.)
■Session 3: Evolution in Pop Culture - Part 1 (Carl Kerby, 21 min.)
■Session 4: Evolution in Pop Culture - Part 2 (Carl Kerby, 21 min.)
■Session 5: Counterfeit Reality - Part 1 (Bill Jack, 26 min.)
■Session 6: Counterfeit Reality - Part 2 (Bill Jack, 23 min.)
■Session 7: Answers to Difficult Issues: How to Share Your Christian Worldview - Part 1 (Carl Kerby, 21 min.)
■Session 8: Answers to Difficult Issues: How to Share Your Christian Worldview - Part 2 (Carl Kerby, 17 min.)
■Session 9: Simple Tools for Brain Surgery - Part 1 (Bill Jack, 21 min.)
■Session 10: Simple Tools for Brain Surgery - Part 2 (Bill Jack, 27 min.)
■Session 11: Special Forces for the Savior - Part 1 (Charles Ware, 27 min.)
■Session 12: Special Forces for the Savior - Part 2 (Charles Ware, 25 min.)
■Session 13: Optional “Man on the street interviews” with Bill Jack (moderator-led discussion, 18 min.)

Professional review
“Have you seen this series? If not, get it today and view it tonight! The production quality blows the doors off most “teaching” series and the content is . . . incredible! Every youth group and family in America needs to see Demolishing Strongholds. I can’t recommend it highly enough! I look forward to watching this with my own children and talking with them about the hot issues it brings up. The discussion guide and leader guide really make the job of the parent or youth leader easy, too.”
Kirk Cameron, actor & evangelist