Sunday, February 20, 2011

Refuting Compromise by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati


Since the rise of uniformitarian "science", there have been many compromises of Scripture away from its original meaning. But this has had baneful effects on the authority and sufficiency of Scripture. It also undermines the sin-death causality that underlies the Gospel teaching that Jesus died for our sins.

This video is a 51 minute seminar by Jonathan Sarfati that was recorded during the Seattle Creation Conference August 2007.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati was born in Ararat, Australia in 1964. He moved to New Zealand as a child and later studied science at Victoria University of Wellington. He obtained a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry with two physics papers substituted (nuclear and condensed matter physics). His Ph.D. in Chemistry was awarded for a thesis entitled ‘A Spectroscopic Study of some Chalcogenide Ring and Cage Molecules’. He has co-authored papers in mainstream scientific journals on high temperature superconductors and selenium-containing ring and cage-shaped molecules. He also had a co-authored paper on high-temperature superconductors published in Nature when he was 22.

Get Dr. Sarfati's book, Refuting Compromise,

Refuting Compromise is A Biblical and Scientific Refutation of “Progressive Creationism” (Billions of Years), as Popularized by Astronomer Hugh Ross

Many otherwise sound evangelical leaders, thinking that the only real enemy is “Darwinism,” are being seduced by the promise of “progressive creationism.” Its most prominent voice, astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross, has convinced many that here is a biblically sound way to accommodate the “facts of science.”

With brilliant clarity, Jonathan Sarfati, author of the best-selling Refuting Evolution 1 and 2, has produced a comprehensive and ringing refutation of the position of ‘progressive creationist’ Hugh Ross, whose views are causing massive confusion about science and the Bible. This promises to be the most powerful biblical and scientific defense of a straightforward view of Genesis creation ever written.

This is a much-needed wakeup call for the church — how can true revival come while we disregard the Bible’s authority in the crucial area of history?

Sarfati addresses such issues as:

• Death, bloodshed, and disease existed before Adam and Eve. True?

• Noah’s flood was only a local event. Really?

• Man-like creatures existed before Adam and Eve, but had no spirit, and thus no salvation. Evidence?

• Six days or six ages?

• What does the biblical text actually say?