Creation / Evolution Debates

Dr. Charles Jackson vs Abbie Smith Creation/Evolution Debate

Abbie Smith VS Dr. Charles Jackson on the topic: Does Molecular Genetics Support Human Evolution? @ Christ Church in Yukon, OK

Creation/Evolution Debate: Which Model Fits The Observed Data Best? Bruce Malone vs Jon Cleland-Host

One would think that if the facts of science supported evolution as the correct explanation for our existence, a well-read sixth grader could make a fool of anyone trying to explain our origin by any other possibility. Judge for yourself which viewpoint is better supported by the scientific evidence as a vocal proponents of two very different viewpoints "duke it out" in a public debate.

Creation / Evolution Debate on the Fossil Record - Dr. Don Patton vs John Blanton

Debate: The Fossil Record is more compatible with the model of Creation than the model of Evolution
International Atheist Alliance Conference, March 30th, 2002

Debate 01 - Dr. Kent Hovind at University of West Florida

A presentation by Dr. Hovind at the University of West Florida, this proved to be a very lively question and answer exchange as the anthropology class was shown the creation view of history! This tape is one of the best argumentative treatments on the subjects of creation, evolution, and dinosaurs available.

Debate 02 - Dr. Hovind vs Dr. Ben Waggoner, Biology Professor, University of Central Arkansas

Is the general theory of evolution a science or a religion? Biology professor Dr. Ben Waggoner of the University of Central Arkansas defends evolution as a science. Dr. Hovind presents evolution as an un-scientific religion. Excellent question and answer session with the audience.

Debate 03 - Dr. Hovind & Shultz vs Dr. Prewitt & Power

Genesis: History or Myth?
Kent Hovind and Mike Schultz (creationists) take on Terry Prewitt and Nick Power (evolutionists).

In this standing room only debate, over 400 listened as Dr. Hovind defended Genesis as being historically and scientifically accurate. Anthropology professor and Genesis scholar of the University of West Florida, Dr. Terry Prewitt, presents Genesis as a myth written for political gain by Hebrew priests.

Nicholas Power is an Asst Prof of Philosopy at the University of West Florida. Michael Schultz was the Director of Proving the Bible Ministries.

Debate 04 - Dr. Hovind vs Dr. Weisenburg, Geology Professor, Temple University

Should Evolution be Taught in Public Schools? Dr. Kent Hovind vs Dr. Weisenburg, professor of geology at Temple University.

When: November 12, 2002
Where: Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Why do taxpayers finance teaching the religion of evolution? In this thought-provoking debate, Dr. Hovind contends that evolution is a religion that should not be taught in public schools. He also reveals the theory's damaging effects on students.

Debate 05 - Dr. Hovind vs Dr. Hilpman, Geology professor, University of Missouri

Does Geology Support Creation or Evolution?

In this debate with geology professor Dr. Hilpman at the University of Missouri, Dr. Kent Hovind defends the position that the earth's geology is best explained by a recent creation and a worldwide flood.

Debate 06 - Dr. Hovind vs Dr. Richardson, Biology Professor, Winona State University

Does Biology Support Creation or Evolution?

Debating biology professor Dr Robyn Richardson at Winona State University in Minnesota, Dr. Kent Hovind continually asks for real scientific evidence for evolution without receiving an adequate answer. Listeners will conclude that all real biology supports the Biblical creation account.
Duration: 1:49:07

Debate 07 - The Genesis Flood - Dr. Kent Hovind vs Dr. Farrell Till

In this debate between Dr. Hovind and a former Church-of-Christ preacher-turned-atheist, the atheist contends that the Flood could not have happened as recorded in the Bible.

Dr. Hovind successfully defends the biblical account of the Flood as being scientifically and historically accurate. More info at

Debate 08 - Dr. Hovind vs Dr. William Moore of Wayne State University

Dr. Kent Hovind vs. Dr. William Moore, September 24, 1998.

This is Dr. Hovind's favorite debate as Dr. Moore is considered by many to be one of the top evolutionists of his field. Dr. Moore refers to Dr. Hovind as the "Hulk Hogan" of Creationists. Watch and judge for yourself to see if the theory of evolution gets "pummeled." More info at

Debate 09 - Dr. Hovind vs Dr. Karen Bartelt (PhD in Biochemistry) of Eureka College

Dr. Karen Bartelt of Eureka College, IL, Ph.D. in biochemistry and outspoken evolutionist, tries to show that evolution is scientific. Because so many topics left unanswered questions, we have added post-debate comments by Dr. Hovind. Many said that this debate delivered the most lively exchange they have witnessed.

Debate 10 - Dr. Hovind vs Dr. James Paulson, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Is Evolution a Reasonable Scientific Theory? Dr. Kent Hovind vs Dr. James Paulson

Dr. James Paulson, professor of biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, tries to defend evolution as a valid scientific theory to the room crammed with university students.
April 2000.

Debate 11 - Dr. Hovind vs Dr. Mark Hartman, University of Arkansas Anthropology professor

Dr. Mark Hartman, anthropology professor, University of Arkansas, Little Rock, tries to use variation within a kind to prove his world view of evolution.
March 2000.

Debate 12 - Dr. Hovind vs Dr. Massimo Pigliucci, University of Tennessee professor - Does Botany Support Creation or Evolution?

Dr. Massimo Pigliucci, assistant professor of botany at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, has received over $650,000 to study evolution but still has not discovered any proof of evolution-his field of expertise! The recording quality is poor, but the material is so great that we decided we had to offer it.

Debate 13 - Rutgers University Round 1 - Dr. Hovind vs Dr. Trivers, Anthropology & Biological Sciences professor

Watch Dr. Hovind debate a Anthropology & Biological Sciences professor Dr. Robert Trivers from Rutgers University! This particular professor is very hostile to the young earth, creation position in general, and Dr. Hovind in particular! Round 2 of the debate is #16 below.

Debate 14 - Is There Evidence for Evolution? Dr. Hovind vs Dr. Matthew Rainbow, biology professor, Antelope Valley College

Dr. Hovind debates Dr. Matthew Rainbow, a PhD in molecular biology & biochemistry. Dr. Rainbow sounds defeated before the debate is over.

"Dr. Matthew Rainbow is a Professor of General and Molecular Cell Biology at Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, California. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and

Molecular Biology from the University of California at Santa Barbara, a Master's Degree in Education from Claremont Graduate School, and a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from the University of California at Irvine. His doctoral work centered around DNA replication in the centromeres of human cells, and his post-doctoral work involved the role of nucleosomes in the control of eukaryotic gene expression. He has been teaching at Antelope Valley College for twenty years, and his lecture specialty is Evolutionary Developmental Biology ("Evo-Devo"), a subject on which he enjoys producing state of the art graphics and animations. He also specializes in the history and underlying science of the Creation-Evolution debate, as well as modern Historical Criticism of the Judeo-Christian scriptures." - see source

Debate 15 - 3 Views - Biblical Creation, Theistic Evolution & Evolution - Kent Hovind, Kyle Frazier, & Kyle Frazier

April 25th, 2003 Dr. Hovind takes on Kyle Frazier and Dr. Michael Shermer at Emmanuel Christian Center, Minneapolis, MN.

In this debate Kent Hovind defends the position that the Bible is literally true, the earth is six thousand years old and the evolution theory is retarded. Kyle Frazier maintains the position that the earth is billions of years old, but God created it. This is commonly called the Theistic Evolution Position or the Progressive Creation Position.

Michael Shermer, editor of Skeptic Magazine and author of How to Debate a Creationist, maintains the position that there is no God necessary and evolution can explain everything.

There was a packed house! See Dr. Hovind successfully defend the literal Biblical view against the evolution theory, and show that God did not need evolution to create the world.

Debate 16 - Rutgers University Round 2 - Dr. Hovind vs Dr. Trivers

Watch Round 1 of the debate (# 13) above.
Taped on October 21st, 2003, Northern Highlands High School, Allendale, NJ.

Dr. Trivers, Professor at Rutgers University, obviously still excited from the previous debate, again tries to defend the evolution theory as being scientific. The sound quality is a little poor, but it's sure interesting to see him defend his faith in the theory of evolution.

Use these debates to prepare yourself for discussions on creation and evolution with your friends or family.

Debate 17 - The Great Compromise - Old Earth (Jayman Dick) vs Young Earth (Kent Hovind)

Dr. Hovind vs. Jayman Dick, old earth creationist. Taped January 30th, 2004 at Bethel Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN.

See for yourself how a public school education can cause you to compromise the plain teachings of Scripture. Jayman defends the position that the Bible must be blended with current accepted scientific theories. Dr. Hovind, as usual, take the position the Bible does not need to be compromised with anything. It is fine as it is. See why the old earth position is unscriptural, unscientific and unnecessary.

Many Christians today don't even know why this debate is important! Many say, "Who cares how old the earth is?" Well, this will show you just how important this foundation is.

If evolution is true, then the credibility of Genesis, Jesus, and the Bible is at stake!

Debate 18 - Berkeley Finally Hears the Truth - Dr. Hovind vs the Audience

A faithful servant of the Lord tried for 6 months to get even one professor from Berkeley University to debate Dr. Kent Hovind. Over 160 professors at Berkeley University refuse to take the challenge--even when money was offered to them!

Since no one would debate him, Dr. Hovind spoke for an hour and took questions for almost another hour and a half. See for yourself the incredible hostility the liberals show when someone challenges their evolution world-view. This was Dr. Hovind's second trip to Berkeley and the crowd gets more hostile each time. If you like to watch a good fight, you will really like this video.

Debate 19 - Three on One! - Dr. Hovind vs 3 Embry-Riddle University Professors

Taped at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL on April 17th, 2004, this evolution vs. creation science debate features Professor R. Luther Reisbig,

Associate Professor Reinhold Schlieper, and Professor Jim Strayer taking on Dr. Hovind.

This debate was very well put together, and there is a great question & answer time at the end. The lively crowd makes it an exciting debate to watch! See for yourself the incredible frustration and anger that comes out at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University when the evolution theory is challenged. Watching this debate will help you be able to take on anybody who believes in evolution.

Debate 20 - How to Debate a Creationist - Dr. Michael Shermer vs Dr. Hovind

University of California ~ Irvine. April 29th, 2004
It was a packed house at the University of California at Irvine on the evening of April 29th, 2004 when Dr. Kent Hovind took on Michael Shermer, the editor of Skeptic Magazine and an outspoken evolutionist.

Dr. Michael Shermer wrote the book How to Debate a Creationist. Watch this debate and see if you think he knows how. See why over 3,000 professors have now refused to debate Dr. Hovind!

Use these debates to prepare yourself for discussions on creation and evolution with your friends or family. These debates make a great witnessing tool to win the lost to Christ.

Old Earth vs Young Earth Debate - Dr. Hugh Ross & Dr. Kent Hovind (1 of 3)

A mesmerizing debate between two men well known in their fields of expertise. This three-DVD set features Dr. Kent Hovind, a staunch young earth creationist, and Dr. Hugh Ross,

who believes the earth is billions of years old, but somehow considers himself a creationist. Includes post-debate commentary by James Sundquist, who has done an eight-year study on Ross' teachings, and Dr. Dan Faulkner, Professor of Astronomy at University of South Carolina

Old Earth vs Young Earth Debate - Dr. Hugh Ross & Dr. Kent Hovind (2 of 3)

Old Earth vs Young Earth Debate - Dr. Hugh Ross & Dr. Kent Hovind (3 of 3)

Post-debate commentary by James Sundquist, who has done an eight-year study on Ross' teachings, and Dr. Dan Faulkner, Professor of Astronomy at University of South Carolina.

Buy these debates on DVD individually or as a package of 20 DVDs (Does not include age of the earth debate with Hugh Ross. It is available here).

Kent Hovind Debate vs Theistic Evolutionist John D. Callahan - Genesis: History or Myth?

Genesis: History or Myth? was the topic when well-known creationist Dr. Kent Hovind Creation Science Evangelism, with over 90 debates to his credit, took on theistic evolutionist John D. Callahan, president of Faith & Reason Ministries.