Thursday, November 20, 2014

New View of Gravity Helps Creation Cosmology - Dr. Russ Humphreys

New view of gravity advances creation cosmology

D. Russell Humphreys

Russ-Humphreys.jpgHere I give a new picture of how gravity works, depicting space as a membrane being greatly accelerated in a 4th spatial direction. The Unruh effect, which connects acceleration with a black-body temperature, could then explain the cosmic microwave background radiation. The Scriptural phrase "stretching out the heavens like a tent curtain" might not mean a many-fold extension (expansion) of the membrane, but rather an increase of the tension within it. A stepwise increase of the tension on the 2nd day of creation would make the gravitational potential of the cosmos slowly increase even until now, without significant expansion. This results in a new redshift-versus-distance relation. It is slightly nonlinear, providing an alternative explanation for an "accelerating universe" without need for "dark energy." The new redshift result also gives a more satisfying expression for the anomalous deceleration of the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft, as I hope to show in a later paper.