Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Incredible Evidence that Dinosaurs Lived with Man and the Earth is Young

This fantastic video goes through amazing evidence that dinosaurs lived with man for 1000s of years. Many other plants and animals thought to have gone extinct millions of years ago have been found alive today. Scientists show the gigantic problems with dating the earth as billions of years old and fossils as millions of years old. They show that circular reasoning is used to date rocks and fossils.

Then they show how terribly inaccurate radiometric dating is and show more reliable methods that date the earth to around 6000 years. This agrees with all the soft tissue dinosaur finds that have come to light recently.

It is much more likely that the majority of fossils, including dinosaur fossils were made during and after Noah's flood, which is recorded in Genesis 6-8 in the Bible.

Evolution is shown to be mathematically and physically impossible. Evolution is a religion that is held to in spite of the scientific evidence!

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